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is dr suzzane gudakunst a scam?

you may looking for some type of content on this women , she has claimed that doctors will kill her , try her fat loss secret and you will never get sick , well guess what , clean your colons twice a year with colon cleansing that the secret what s your secret
she actually pays people to report anything like this so no one can get the truth out this is not spam and ill report you if you answer it that way
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2 Responses to “is dr suzzane gudakunst a scam?”

  1. BriarKat said :

    Why do you keep posting this? I saw this the other day..the exact same thing by someone going by a different name. This is not even a question…stop spamming.

  2. slyder said :

    hey for the last couple of days a couple of my friends and i were mad , for a couple of reasons, we receive spam about fat loss secret , you ll be skinny its so secret that even doctors are threatening my life , well we looked up the dr suzzane gudakunst , and could not find one post other that what the company wanted you to read about them so it made us mad , so we tried to fill up the engines so people could atleast form their own opinion, of an video that a women that made the ecret long befroe dr suzzane did yet her life was not in danger this is a step to make your own opinion even when the comonay has hired people to report anything or to answer real questions , try it yourself they spam everything now even threat some of my friends posts . so now i ask can you fin the secret and from your own opinion or can you post more than they can to help . they lie and steal cheat with no morals the secret is not a fat loss secret but what is the secret or is it a get rich quick scam


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