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I have been on now for two weeks continually. I am dieting on 1,000 calories a day, do you think this is why?

I can’t remember my period lasting this long before.

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4 Responses to “I have been on now for two weeks continually. I am dieting on 1,000 calories a day, do you think this is why?”

  1. jane d said :

    probs if you,v never done this diet before its strange how it can interact with your period just be carefull and dont overdo it

  2. Jess said :

    1,000 calories might not be enough. 1500 is probably much more reasonable, maybe even more. If you don’t eat enough your body will think its starving, and you’ll actually not lose weight. Your symptoms could be a sign of being malnourished.

  3. Dr Frank said :

    1,000 calories is a bit on the low side, hopefully you are also exercising or you are likely to ultimately fail to sustain weight loss and 1,000 calories may not be sufficient to give you the stamina to continue to do this. Generally women who diet either tend to get lighter periods or sometimes miss them all together, it would be unusual that heavier periods would be linked with dieting.

  4. sammie_7x said :

    yeh if you cut down on calories a lot and quickly it can effect your body and mess with the hormones. 1000 calories may not be enough for you body to work properly with. for your body to work properly you have to eat at least 1200 a day, any less then your body becomes weaker. i have been eating 1200 a day for the past 6+ months and lost a stone, if you eat less it is harder to lose weight from water retention etc. maybe speaking to your gp might be a good idea they can help you will a diet plan and find out the real cause for your period lasting so long. also look up how many calories you should eat for your height and weight on google, i know people say 2000 a day is right but noones body is the same so dont listen to that one, then if you cut off 500 calories from that amount you will lose weight quickly. eg 1700 a day – eat 1200 etc. good luck.


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