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How do you Health Care Workers help others deal with their death and deal with the situation themeslf?

I’m really wondering if healthcare workers such as cna’s and nurses, and patients in longterm healthcare and hospice help eachother deal with their own mortality? Why aren’t health care workers taught to how to deal with losing patients that become their friends. How do people deal with death on a daily basis and how does that affect their views on others death and their own?

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2 Responses to “How do you Health Care Workers help others deal with their death and deal with the situation themeslf?”

  1. dreamofme0202 said :

    I worked in an assisted living facility for a while and saw a lot of my favorite residents pass. But what makes it easier for me is knowing that I loved them right up until the end. Understandably, in situations like that the families get uncomfortable with death and are going through their own grief and aren’t able to “help” as much as they could. I was happy knowing I loved and cared for them in a way that their families didn’t or couldn’t. I HAVE cried, don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can’t help it. But I loved that job almost as much as I loved the people I was helping.

  2. christinatassone said :

    I worked in the Emergency Room for a long time. After awhile you learn that death is as much a part of life as life itself. Healthcare workers have free counseling at their disposal to help deal with those situations. Death is a part of living; I learned that one morning two years ago when I suffered a massive heart attack that should have killed me, I learned that three weeks ago when my friend died. Death is never easy to deal with; but when you’re in the healtcare field you learn to keep your distance; you have to or it would kill you. I’ve seen children come in from drownings and baby’s who were murdered at the hands of the very people who was suppose to protect them. Those, my friend, are the hardest deaths to deal with.

    Death is not something we accept but IT IS something we learn to live with.

  3. dr.morzt said :


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