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How do I keep myself motivated after 4 days of dieting…my will power is slipping.?

I have had 4 good days of dieting…now I am finding myself loosing will power…why is this so and how can I get my movitavation back again.

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5 Responses to “How do I keep myself motivated after 4 days of dieting…my will power is slipping.?”

  1. chevis625 said :

    maybe if you set your mind to say thins is good for me and i will be healthier and thinner that might help you!

  2. abfabmom1 said :

    The same way I kept myself motivated to quit smoking.

    Is that piece of chocolate (or whatever it is that’s tempting you) really worth blowing off the misery you’ve been thru over the past 4 days? Really, why blow it now that you’ve made it as far as you have!?!?

  3. slim jim said :

    Keep your goal in mind. Remember why you’re doing it. If you stay positive, it will be easier.

  4. mofojojo86 said :

    of you dieting is so dispuptive to your day you should change your is very short and you should enjoy it not make your self uncomfortable

  5. charlieo said :

    Two techniques.
    1. Eat right, but also eat well. There are bound to be some foods that feel like indulgences even when they are not. Fat-free frozen yogurt, for instance (preferably sugar-free), or Tasty D-Lite if you have some around, seems like a treat and is nonetheless healthy. Soy Crisps seem like potato chips and are low-fat, high protein, and low carb. Give yourself a few of these treats a day, and balance them out.
    2. Stay on your diet and fitness plans for 6 days. On the 7th day, eat whatever you want and rest. Try to keep it somewhat within reason (don’t just sit and binge all day), but feel free to indulge in the forbidden foods- pizza, ice cream, etc. This is actually good for you on two levels: first off, it helps with the motivation (‘if I am good for 2 more days I can be bad all day afterwards’, ‘I can still go out to eat with people’, etc.), and second, it helps to jolt your system out of settling into your new, healthier eating habits.
    You’ll keep your diet longer (and develop good habits that can stick with you after you go off it) AND you’ll get to eat everything you want to.


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