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As you work on your fitness resolutions in the New Year, what will keep you motivated to reach your goals?

It can be difficult to stay focused on reaching your New Year’s resolutions fitness goals, which is why it’s important now to think about what steps you can take to stay motivated when the going gets tough. My blog has lots of advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated ( ). Joining a support group (like this one on Yahoo! Groups: ) is another great motivation tool. Motivation ultimately has to be personal, though. What works best for you?

Why not add your oppinion as well ?

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50 Responses to “As you work on your fitness resolutions in the New Year, what will keep you motivated to reach your goals?”

  1. BritBrit said :

    My dance classes help me! I wanna be able to do the splits!!!!!

  2. misshere said :

    looking at old pics and seeing how i once looked and felt. i want to be energetic and full of life again!!!!

  3. [email protected] said :

    My wonderful boyfriend who I entend to be married to in a couple of months, as soon as i can loose 20lbs-30


    I am 56 years young and I am 5′ 3″. I weigh almost 190lbs and I am not feeling good about myself. I have very little funds to go on a diet or purchase a lot of expensive weight loss stuff and I am trying to go back to College to get my Degree in Elementary Education. I am an Assistant Teacher and I don’t make much. I am trying to get a Scholarship/Grant or something and being so depressed with my weight is really stopping me from getting a lot of things done.

    If you-all can give me something that does not empty my pockets or cause me even more hardship I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.


    H. Hasan
    Striving 4 a Better Me!

  5. Super11B said :

    Once upon upon a time (a year and a half ago) I was 50 lbs overweight and at 39 going on 40 I was starting to feel the consequences of being that overweight. In the past I had been in really good shape (I was a Marine for many years). So I decided to lose the weight and get back into shape. I did it for my wife who deserves to have me around and I did it for myself. I have lost 45 lbs and I am in the best shape of my life. I lost the majority of the weight in about 3 months by changing my eating habits and drinking water instead of sodas. I added the exercise in after losing most of my weight. I went from 28% body fat to 12% over the next year. I started slowly and built myself up. I did not go into the gym and start killing myself right off the bat. I took my time and did it right. Now I routinely outperform people half my age in the gym as well as in my National Guard unit. Not bad for an “Old Man.” It is awesome to be able to look in the mirror and see the muscle instead of the flab!!!

  6. Carol S said :

    I think joining the support group would be helpful as I have a hard time doing it by myself.

  7. boop said :

    My two granddaughters ages 10 and 11 love to go shopping for fashionable clothing and I used to love to go but now I am overweight and am embarrassed to go. So, I need to loose 25 lbs. so they can see Gram ma in some fashionable clothes again. All my weight has gone to my midsection and the older I get the harder it is to get the weight off. So here I am and need all the motivation I can get.

  8. TInsi said :

    I had a standing gym membership but the thought of driving to and from the gym, getting dressed, working out after a days work were not exactly motivating me to go. So I froze my membership a year ago and did not exercise until a week before my 45th b-day (Oct. 25). I think at this time my weight was around 215 lbs.
    I bought a hip hop dance video since I can’t think of any form of activity I enjoy more than dancing. I did the 30 minute video every day resting only for one day each week (stretch for 10 minutes and actual dance time was 20 minutes).
    Today, 2.5 months later I am 200lbs. This despite the holiday parties we had to attend. I think being 200 lbs is a good round number to start 2008 with. To motivate myself , I figured a year has 52 weeks. If I can manage to lose 1 lb. a week for the next year I will be down to 148 lbs by this same time next year. I have put up a 52 week calendar on my wall and will use this to monitor my pound a week goal.

  9. LOG said :

    I am 100 pounds overweight. I do not like how I look or feel. I want to be able to participate in the activities that my children enjoy. I want the energy and vitality I once had. I am going to have to summon the inner strength that sustained me through previous hardship to take the weight off. I am glad that I have found this group for motivation and support also. I am also fortunate to have a supportive husband and wonderful children who are willing to help me.

  10. sweetpea101 said :

    making and seeing other peoples mindmovies. its a growing movement on youtube. It’s like a multi-media manifesting super powerhouse

    here is an example of a mindmovie or just youtube “mindmovies”

  11. Antoinette M said :

    The thought that I want to lose 50lbs to be down to a size 10. That I want to be slimmer and more sexual in the bedroom. So i can do all the tricks that I used to do with my husband.

  12. nancileehop said :

    Feeling better is my motivation. I want and need more energy. I want to lose the weight I have gained since my surgery. It seem like it has become harder to lose then a few years ago. With a very busy schedule, with little time for myself between a full time job and full time student, what little time I have I give to my family. How does one find time for exercises? Any suggestions?

  13. Kerri M said :

    I am hoping to find a buddy to help keep me motivated. Someone willing to email, call or come by and check with me to be sure I am not being lazy. Someone to go to the gym with me and who wants to help me as much as themselves to keep on track.

  14. Prince said :

    Yoga. This exercise not keep us fit, reduce fat but also increase motivation, will power and keeps us in peace

  15. nyank0_nek0 said :

    I converted my 16 year old sister to diet with me and shed some grossly unwanted pounds. With her nagging at me and kicking my butt when I need it I’ll stay on track and stick to my wieghtloss plans. 😀

  16. Wisdom Seeker said :

    Pleasure and pain.

  17. firecracker said :

    I am trying to get a full time job and want to be able to wear the work clothes that I have (which I can’t fit into right now).:( that’s my motivation, to fit into them.

  18. memememe said :

    I monitor my weight everyday. Joining allowed me to monitor my weight while I was dieting, and was really easy and free!

  19. Mara Jade said :

    My dog is old and needs to lose weight if he is to live much longer. I keep to my running for him. I also bike with my little brother. It helps me exorcise if I’m doing it for someone else.
    Yoga is strictly for my pleasure 🙂

  20. rockerchic821 said :

    My motivation is my health and knowing how good I’m gonna look this upcoming bikini season!

  21. rotorhead said :

    Going to Hawaii in October. Have been recovering from 2 back surgeries and Bacterial Spinal Meningitis and my PT has taken a real hit over the last 15 months. I have not been able to push like I want to. Am just now feeling like I won’t damage something. Gotta look good for my wife.

  22. future mrs.rude said :

    I have a couple motivators this year… I want to lose about 30 pounds by april, that’s when my 10 year class reunion is. But I want to lose maybe 10 more and keep it off, cause I’m getting married the end of August. I started low carb today, and I plan on really sticking to it. It worked great for me a few years ago, this time, I’m going to try and add some more exercise to my routine.

  23. Riki S said :

    1. I have to be willing to do this as a personal goal. No one can force me.
    2. I accomplish the goal with positive friends who want to do the same thing.
    3. I reward myself every 2 weeks with something, like going out to a movie or eating out, etc…

  24. ♪Sum 1 u dont kno♪ said :

    Looking at everyone else and seeing them do nothing motivates me to be better than them. Thus, I do better. Once I start seeing positive results, I continue to do what I am doing, and seeing others fail because they do nothing. Kinda sad, I know, that I use the failures of others to motivate me to be better.

  25. Chris C said :

    It’s really tough for me due to a number of physical issues I have – arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression – and the fact that I live in a cold weather state. Over the summer I realized that walking was really helping to keep the fibro at bay, but with the frigid January temperatures and the recent blankets of snow here, it’s getting tougher to get myself out.

    One of my alternatives is to go to a mall or even just a big store and walk there. At least it’s warmer and there are things to look at (unfortunately too many things to buy as well!) Another would be to join a gym, but without an income it’s hard to justify the price, especially since I wouldn’t be using very much of their equipment or services (I can’t do a lot of lifting do to the fibro, can’t do treadmill, running or most classes do to a bad knee.)

    So, I’m open to suggestions as to what else I could do (cheaply) and how to get (and stay) motivated. Any ideas you have would be welcome!

  26. sara said :

    the way i felt before!

  27. makedarad22 said :

    a workout journal if i can read it i can track my progress

  28. Rookie said :

    i want to lose weight, i’ve already lost 20lbs so far and want to lose another 20 by june. i may not look like it in my pics but i am overweight, i weigh 177lbs right now and want to get down to 130lbs.

    I stay motivated by giving myself 2 choices – i could either stick to my diet that day and feel good about it at the end of the day OR i could blow it off and feel horrible at the end of the day. it only makes sense to choose feeling exceptionally good over feeling exceptionally horrible.

  29. snawshia said :

    thinking how would it be to get fatter and then stay in home because of “inferior-fat-complexity” , and cuz ur home, u get fatter…. i have this, so i know.

  30. funny & frisky said :

    I have probably one of the best reasons to lose weight: our daughter is getting married in June !

    Not only do I want to look good for her sake, but I also want to look good for myself since we will be seeing lots of old friends that we’ve invited. I used to be a sexy siren, but now I am more like yo’ big mama !

    And, the more weight I lose, the more energy I’ll have — planning a wedding is not all that demanding, but I want to have the stamina to enjoy all of the hustle and bustle !

    Looking good and feeling good for our daughter’s special day is enough motivation for me !!

    AND … I read what Antoinette M. wrote — her story is very similar to mine — if I lose 50 pounds, I’ll be between an 8 and a size 10 — and a lot more agile in the bedroom !!!!

  31. Been There~Done That! said :


    Seems with me anyway the minute I spill the beans and let others know my resolutions I break them. This year my first resolution is to keep them to myself. That way I can work on them without guilt of any kind.

    In 2003 I had my Thyroid completely removed due to Cancer. For the first year and a half all was well and I maintained my weight. Since then I have gradually gained 40 pounds. Which is disheartening and uncomfortable. I can eat nothing and seem to gain. My goal is to start an exercise routine daily after my husband and son leave the house and be consistent.


    I hope everyone that makes a resolution achieves their goal!

  32. redbone said :

    I use a pair of jeans that I look great in. I wear them at least once a week. If I can’t fit into them, then I know that I’m falling off the wagon. Plus, I use pictures of celebs who have great bodies to inspire me!

  33. dragon said :

    I focus on how being successful in the past can help me attain new goals in the future. I remember how good that feels and it keeps me going. I see this years fitness and weight loss goals as a continuation of last years success. Being realistic helps too.

  34. lisa g said :

    A support group

  35. johnblattnerstudios said :

    listening to my ipod while walking or jogging. it gets me going!

  36. Miss Rebecca said :

    thinking how good i will feel and look at the end of it.

    But i’m actually four stone overweight. So i’m as depressed as the comic book store guy in the simpsons

  37. Lucky said :

    The only New Years resolution I ever kept was the one where I resolved not make anymore New Years resolutions. As for motivation, all I need to do is look at lard butts grazing their way into the intensive care unit or the countless Jenny Craig poster children waddling around and that does it for me.

  38. Curlzmt said :

    i just think of my family and freinds and how sad thet would be if i died of a heart atack and im going to make sure that never has to happen!!!

  39. ScSpec said :

    I can stick to my resolutions when I have support and the right mind-set. I believe every diet or exercise program starts in your head. Lately I have strayed from my usual routine, feeling somewhat down and lazy due to holidays and a virus that wouldn’t let go, plus loss of a supporting buddy network. Weight Watchers worked for me, as well as sharing cooking with friends who wanted to focus on losing weight, and having a regular scheduled walk every day. I have had to eliminate all those supports and feel I am floundering.

    I have to get my mind “right” in the new year and find a new jolt of motivation. I’m working on it!

  40. beckyr said :

    I feel that by joining an exercise class it keeps me motivated. You have to keep up with everyone – no kidding around. I’ve tried exercise videos and treadmills… and end up kidding only myself by not having patience and by stopping to do it after a couple of times.

  41. Master C said :

    Well, I have a whole boxing routine. It includes a lot of sparring and what not. As such, if I don’t maintain my regimen, I lose out on my conditioning. When that happens, I get punched in the face or the gut. So, it’s easy for me to associate not working out and eating unhealthy with pain and physical exhaustion.
    The only difference is I’m able to recognize those outcomes now. While many people realize that principle too late in life and end up with more severe health problems as they age.
    It’s bleak, but it keeps me motivated.
    Losing the weight isn’t hard, it’s maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

  42. Cam said :

    The scale, the mirror, and the way my jeans fit.

  43. celebrity4lyf18 said :

    My sister and I are getting in shape together. We will help motivate he other.
    Hey, it takes 21 days to make a habbit right? So after 21 we should just do it.

  44. very.large_fart said :

    I am motivated by the fact that Washington, DC (the place where I live) is a hot, miserable, swampy hell hole in the summertime. If I don’t get fit before June, it will be too late. Being fat in the summertime makes life unbearable. My motivation is fear. Fear of being fat, unhealthy, and miserable.

  45. "! Ditto said :

    ive finally got some inspirational new years resolutions;
    so i need to slim down to be able to fit into my figure skating costumes and do my acting course!

  46. Lu said :

    My daughter is six -years-old and thinks she’s fat.
    1. Set the example for myself first and and include her in the change and daily practice of self-care and nurturing.

    I have no health, dental or vision insurance.
    2. I practice preventative maintenance when it comes to my health so that when I visit a health professional, my bills are less and diseases in non-existent.

    I am easily lost in depression and am use to emotional eating.
    3. Maintain healthy levels of brain chemicals and positive thinking through exercise, clean eating, meditation & self-reflection.

    4. To remember that exercise and clean eating are my ways of connection and meditation!

  47. ayup me ole china said :

    Setting a benchmark and then beating it on a weekly basis is all the motivation I need… Just the fact that I can see progress is enough for me.

  48. ha*ha*ha said :

    The fact that my town is the 17th fattest in the nation (we were 16th fittest in 2004). I’m not overweight and nowhere near overweight so I would like to keep it that way. We don’t need to move up in the poll so I would like to stay in the minority when it comes to healthy vs. overweight.

  49. Yarcofin said :

    The desire not to die.

    I know if I don’t start exercising now, I am going to have a whole host of problems in a few years from high blood pressure and heart disease, to the potential for diabetes.

  50. Nicole said :

    I have had Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2. I am 17 years old now. I have decided to start walking around my town a few times a day as exercise or riding an exercise bike. My motivation is that someday due to my Arthritis I will not be able to walk. I want to get fit and be fit while I still can. I also love being outside.


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