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How do you stay motivated to keep dieting?

From April – June I lost 12 lbs. Ever since then I have been eating healthier than I used to, but not dieting like I was during that period of time. I’ve been trying to get back into the diet, but its hard! Any advice on how to stay motivated?

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3 Responses to “How do you stay motivated to keep dieting?”

  1. positively ready said :

    put mirrors all over your house

  2. Dustin M said :

    For me, the thing that worked best was getting involved with bodybuilding competitions. I’ve only done one so far, but that was a big motivator to stick to my diet and cardio routine. (Sticking to weight lifting is easy, because I like it a lot more.)

    Knowing that I was going to have official judges look at my body was a huge motivator.

    The same competition that hosts bodybuilding also hosts female bodybuilder, and female fitness competitors. (It’s sort of like modeling but more emphasis on having a tone physique.) Getting involved with something like this, even if you plan on your first competition being years down the line, should really help to motivate you.

    Aside from that…
    Try envisioning your own body with the weight you desire. Close your eyes and think about how you want to look.
    If you do cardio, like biking and running, imagine yourself physically running/biking towards that better body.
    As you are about to prepare a meal to eat, imagine how you want to look and how that specific meal will effect you in either direction. Hopefully this will help you make the healthy decision for that specific meal. (Remember not to starve yourself though.)

  3. Healthy Helen said :

    here is some tips
    Keep a photo diary
    Track weight-loss monthly, not weekly
    Find ways to walk
    Visualise the new you
    Set small, achievable targets
    Bonus tips

    * Talk to yourself positively. Drown out that negative voice that says ‘here we go again’ and replace it with ‘I can see the me I want to be’ or another positive message that works for you. If you think it, you’ll start to believe it.
    * Continue to weigh out meal basics such as rice and pasta even if you’ve hit your target weight. It helps you stay in control of portion sizes on the plate. Drink plenty of water. It helps you to feel full, and lessens the risk of snacking.


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