How can I thicken a Vegetable Soup that is Low Carb?

My husband is on a Low Carb diet (none after lunch) and as it’s getting near winter time here, I thought some nice vegetable soups would be good for lunches. But of course not being able to use potato or other starches has me stumped.

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11 Responses to “How can I thicken a Vegetable Soup that is Low Carb?”

  1. _CJ_ said:


  2. Katheriine c said:

    umm melt iit.

  3. WilljClinton said:

    corn starch – You won’t use enough to make a difference in carb count. otherwise check link below

  4. bbj1776 said:


  5. Kellie_in_CA said:

    I have no idea if this will work but tomato paste

  6. Maw-Maw said:

    How about pureed carrots as a thickener.i use to add them to roast for a sweet taste and it was real good.Or even puree some sweet peas thay thicken..

  7. ♥ Miss Buggsy ♥ said:

    Corn starch really shouldnt make any difference in carbs.

  8. Gems said:

    If you are willing to forgo the classic idea of vegetable soup, try making soups with a bean foundation, like split pea and ham or white beans and kale (creamy and loaded with vitamins). If you are dead set on more traditional veggie soups, try adding heavy cream at the latest stages of cooking to add some thickness and texture to your broth or look to soups like french onion and cauliflower and leek, which use creams instead of starches for body. Watch out for veggies like carrots and tomatoes, which contain lots of sugars. Those are carbs too. A little bit of cornstarch or flour goes a long away and adds near insignificant amounts of carbs. If fat isn’t a concern, try toping any meek soup with cheese. YUM!

  9. Lynda said:

    Cut them small and put more vegetables in it. Puree some of it in a blender.

  10. Sherrie said:

    You could mash up some cauliflower, that should replace potato really well. Other tricks are xanthum or guar gum, as well as creme fraiche, cheese or simply pureeing some of the vegies.

    There are some really good low carb soup ideas here:

  11. Rose W said:

    Gelatin or eggs. Just prepare like usual and mix in, and do the eggs like you would in pudding.


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