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How can I fit more activities in my day?

My usual day starts at 5 pm when I wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for work. I work from 7pm to 4 am, then I go home and sometimes I do household chores or just read or just play with psp. Then sleep the rest of the day. I wanted to fit some more like working out or recreational activity but I feel tired from work and I have little time. Please help!

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7 Responses to “How can I fit more activities in my day?”

  1. Leah said:

    Make time. People always say they have no time, but you can always make time for things that are priorities, and your health and fitness definitely should be a priority.

    Swap your psp and reading time with some working out. Do Tae Bo or something similar.

  2. ItalianoGuy92 said:

    Just fit cardio and working out into your schedule. Try joining a local gym.

  3. Kara P said:

    Schedule your days and make sure to schedule time for working out. Write it down and hang it up so it’s set in stone. I think you’ll find that you have more energy once you start working out, and then you’ll feel like your days are longer.

    Good luck!

  4. Jess A said:

    That schedule is not too bad if you make the effort to wake up at 11am instead of 5pm. All you need is 6-8 hours of sleep. Granted, it feels as if you need more working that type of schedule. Anyway, make the effort to wake up at 11 or midday and voila! you got time to do what you want.

  5. Skylar said:

    Sounds like you are lacking that last little bit of motivation you need to get going. Someone else said make time, I agree. Why not alternate playing on the psp with going for a walk or run. You’ll feel much more energized after the run than playing on the console.

    If you are finding it hard to stick to you could try doing what i do and that is to write a daily record of what you’ve done. I keep my at, but even just writing down can keep you accountable because you feel guilty if you have planned to do exercise and then don’t.

    Or find a buddy to go with you when you exercise, even if you are prepared to ‘let yourself down’ we feel even worse if we cancel on a friend.

  6. f80 said:

    waking up at 5pm cant be the best way to get the most out of life. but as you work nights then its always going to be difficult to start early.if you aim to get to sleep by 5:30am then wake at 12:30pm that will give you enough time in the day to get a shower and some sunlight.try just going for daily walks, go shopping, do some housework.
    if your missing out on fresh air and sunlight this will effect your general health as well as your mental health.go somewhere nice before you start work or perhaps join a fitness class such as boxersize or aerobicks that way you might make loads of mates then you wont have time to do all that sleeping.

  7. enrique7718 said:

    workout during lunch and cook and eat at your desk
    you can do a brisk walk or go to the gym
    go to the gym after work (24 hr fitness or anytime fitness)
    have one of those things that you squeeze at your desk and burn calories
    take the stairs wherever u can and park far
    pump some iron in the morning instead of drinking coffee to wake you up
    do some situps and lunges before going to bed
    take some optimum nutrition opti women to give you energy


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