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How can I become better fit for basketball?

Im 14 years old, 6’2 and 170. Im very talented and very athletic ( can already dunk) and i have a hell of a lot potential. But how can i become better fit for basketball. Meaning that i want to get taller, bigger, faster, stronger. How can i jump higher, how can i become quicker., how can i build muscle this summer more efficiently. Im expected to reach 6’6, but i want to reach about 6’8. Any tips and secrets?

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One Response to “How can I become better fit for basketball?”

  1. Aubrey Go Celtics! said :

    bigger and stronger- do any sort of weight lifting

    faster- do lots and lots of suicides. If you want any chance to make it in the nba you will have to make the high school basketball team. When my brothers were on the high school team you did suicides till you puked lol.

    taller- sorry but you cant do anything about that but 6″6 is really tall. Rondo is 6″1 and amazing. And theres some in the nba 5″8 maybe shorter.

    Tips- Drink lots of water and eat healthy. <3


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