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Has anybody out there tried Alli – the slimming aid pill?

Any reports most welcome.

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6 Responses to “Has anybody out there tried Alli – the slimming aid pill?”

  1. Vinny pow pow pow pow pow pow said :

    yes i’ve had sucess, i took the diet tablet and i lost all my fat and grew muscle, however i experienced a side effect which caused a penis to grow from my forehead and for some reason a goat now lives in my back garden.

    conclusion: don’t use diet pills, they don’t work

  2. Been there, done that said :

    I’ve tried it…didn’t like it at all. The commercials downplay the side effects but the side effects are very real and very gross. I don’t recommend it.

  3. Joe said :


  4. Dr Frank said :

    Of all the currently available active diet pills orlistat (Alli) is probably the safest. That is the end of the good news.
    The majority of other things you can buy over the counter or online are actually pharmaocologically useless. The rest have risk benefit ratios that make them undesirable.

    In controlled studies orlistat performs quite well, of course the prescribed dose is twice the over the counter dose. However in the community, like most diet pills it does quite poorly, in fact 2 in 3 pill dieters actually end up heavier!

    Unfortunately to get anywhere with orlistat you have to be on an ultra low fat, low calorie diet and take exercise. Even then it can produce wind, stomach cramps, foul smelling orange liquid diarrhoea, which sometimes does not make it as far as the loo!

  5. lilbeatch said :

    it makes you crap yourself!

  6. lo_mcg said :

    I have tried Xenical; Alli is Xenical in over the counter form – a lower dose but the same side effects.

    I was prescribed it after I gained around 30 lbs on chemotherapy.

    The side effects include explosive flatulence and diarrhoea, often at very inconvenient times, and an oily brown leakage from the anus – if you are going to use it, you’d be well advised to cover your armchairs and sofas with throws you can discard after they’ve been leaked on. Truly, it’s that disgusting.

    I stopped using it after a spectacularly embarrassing incident,

    Your diet has to be as fat-free as possible in order to keep these side effects to a minimum; I don’t think it’s possible to avoid them altogether – you may avoid the diarrhoea, but not the oily leakage.

    In the end I lost 16lbs through restricting my food intake in a sensible way and the remainder when I greatly increased the amount of exercise I took.


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