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Get fit………..?

Ohkay.I have abs, and toned thighs,lol but i can’t look great because, i hav love handles, and huge calves. are there any excersises to help me lose the love handles and slim down my calves?btw. im a girl. and I am not fat.

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2 Responses to “Get fit………..?”

  1. Dee said :

    It’s not exercise that will necessarily reduce those. If they are there because there is body fat over them (having nothing to do with overall body mass) then you need to become leaner overall. That’s more accomplished through proper eating habits and cardiovascular exercise rather than specific target exercise. Targeting the muscles will tone them–not shrink them.

  2. Regulator said :

    its going to be hard to reduce your calf size especially if you are not fat. i know girls who are really petite but they just have big calves. the love handle is much easier. just do a lot of cardio and eat healthy. just make sure you burn more calories then you take in and you will see results.


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