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How can i stop my face getting so sweaty?

Are there any rpducts i can use? It’s so embarrasing when im in a night club, a really fit lad thought i was crying the other night and i was just like oh i’ll be ok lol but it was sweat not tears!!!
Aorry that should say products not, rpducts.

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7 Responses to “How can i stop my face getting so sweaty?”

  1. What Lil' Girls R Made Of... said :

    Use a foundation with a matte finish. And…powder-up, babe.

  2. Saad C said :

    Hey its simple Go and ask this question to docter.i think do not do fashion.

  3. Linda T said :

    wearing an oil free moisturiser would help, also using face powder over your make-up, followed by a damp Cotton wool pad, wrung out in cold water and then patted on the face being careful not to disturb your make-up.

  4. quornandwafflesagain said :

    try getting a translucent powder and put that on over your makeup it should help

  5. JO M said :

    Try this brilliant powder foundation and powder sold on the
    ideal shopping channel. Its called marbled effect.
    Its brilliant and the cover is amazing for covering flaws.

  6. adirondack_explorer said :

    Stop putting anything on your face and stop washing it with water. Just leave your face alone. Our bodies make an oil called sebum. This sebum protects the skin from bacteria(acne) and helps retain water so our skin doesnt get wrinkly. If you keep washing your face or putting things on it you will remove that good natural oil our bodies make and it will cause the oil to come back even more aggravating bacteria that formed because you washed your face last time and removed that protection and you will have an oily face. You need to let the face and skin naturally balance itself with your own unique sebum. This is something I just discovered and my acne is actually clearing up.

  7. Regina Gravert said :

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