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Does anyone know how to make a good low carb pizza crust?

I’ve been eating fairly low carb for about a year now and I feel great. I miss pizza and would like to be able to make a low carb crust.

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3 Responses to “Does anyone know how to make a good low carb pizza crust?”

  1. David H said :

    Being a former chef, my recommendation would be try to make something whole grain or multi grain, whole wheat and other flours can help, use honey as a sweetener.

    Make it as you would regularly, but add a 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour and something else, oat flour, flax seed, soya flour. Add yeast but also a touch of baking powder, this will lessen the carb base, the honey eliminates the sugars added carb extras.

  2. alido3803 said :

    I actually found low carb tortillas in the grocery store with only five carbs per each,there whole wheat and are big. Also sticking them on a grill to crisp them before adding toppings and broiling gives a great smokey taste to the finished product. Ive tried Atkins mix and other things to make but these seem to be the best for the taste!

  3. ♥ iLL MaMa ♥ said :

    No, But…. DiGiorno’s frozen pizza now has a pizza with Wheat Crust.. its sooooo good too.


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