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Does anyone know a good medicine for indigestion and stomach acid?

I also suffer from bloating, i have irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes when i have a meal it really upsets my digestive syndrome! Any good medications you can for this at Boots or Superdrug?

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10 Responses to “Does anyone know a good medicine for indigestion and stomach acid?”

  1. Ello Guv said :

    I find Zantac is the best

  2. black b said :

    ansilin scheduled drug is a option

  3. jonzygon said :

    You can pick up various different things to help from indigestion tablets to milk of magnisium.

    If the problems persist however see your doctor

  4. Kate said :

    As far as OTC medicines, I’ve always found good ol’ Pepto Bismol to be the most effective at treating my stomach woes. (Note: The active ingredient in Pepto Bismol, bismuth subsalicylate, is a form of asprin. You shouldn’t take Pepto if you are pregnant or if you have Reye’s Syndrome.)

    On a more natural note, ginger root is an extremely effective antacid/stomachache reliever. You can buy ginger root tea bags at many grocery stories – you just brew it like tea and drink it, either during a stomachache to relieve it, or before you eat to help prevent you from getting one. You can also eat plain ginger root, although I don’t think it tastes particularly good unless it’s sugared or in tea. Chamomile tea is also a good choice for uneasy stomachs.

    Since you have IBS, your best bet at controlling your symptoms is changing what actually goes into your stomach (I also have IBS, so this is the voice of experience). If you haven’t already, you need to jack up your fiber intake. Cut out white bread from your diet altogether, or at least as much as you can stand. Replace all of your carbs with complex carbs – no more Cheez-Its, no more sugar cereal, no more white bread. Everything needs to me whole grain. It can be difficult adjusting to the taste difference at first, but if you’re really attached to white bread you can buy “white wheat”, which tastes more like white bread but is made with whole grains.

    You should also try to cut down on fatty foods, because they are harder to digest and can get an IBS flare-up going. Less red meat, more white meat. It would also do you a lot of good to eliminate as much refined sugar from your diet as possible. Refined sugar is basically sludge that has ZERO nutritional value, and does absolutely nothing good for your body. Too much sugar leads to a lot of health issues, one of them being digestive upsets, so for the sake of your stomach try to eat as little of it as possible.

    Eating for IBS is mostly common sense. Lots of fiber (fruits, veggies, whole grains), less fat and sugar, and smaller meals. It takes a lot of effort for a stomach to digest a huge meal than it does a smaller one, so instead of eating 3 large square meals a day, eat 5-6 smaller meals, and try not to eat right before you go to bed.

    Don’t think that you can get away with eating whatever you want as long as you take an antacid after the fact – it’s only hurting you. Change your diet so that it works for you and your IBS, and you will see a lot of relief in your symptoms. Good luck!

  5. Cornish Granny said :

    Boots do their own IBS pills, you take one 20 minutes before food. They contain Mebeverine which is an anti spasmodic. I find they work really well.

  6. cureforsure said :

    For stomach acid you can take Zinetac or pantocid tablets.

    To cure your Your irritable bowel syndrome Naturally and permanently Visit:

  7. Shannon M said :

    I have terrible acid reflux and the only thing that really works for me is prilosec OTC, which really sucks for me because it is the most expensive over the counter out there.

    But my friend is very into natural medicine and she suggested something that helped a lot! Try getting acidophilis. You can find it in pill form, and even in milk form. If you go to the vitamin/supplement section in most stores you can find it. It is a probiotic culture that aids in digestion. I believe it is something our bodies are supposed to produce naturally but sometimes it doesn’t. The acidophilis is not a cure all but it can actually help your body to start producing all the digestive enzymes you need overtime; so eventually you do not need anything because your body is functioning properly.


    The best remedy that works for me is a measure of Gaviscon and a half a glass of milk, both swallowed straight down. Good luck with this.

  9. honey said :

    tab domperidone 1 twice a day x5 days
    /tab zinetac 150 mg twice a day x5 days
    +less coke,less tea,less chilles in diet
    more water,more yogurt
    frequent small meals

  10. sally said :

    you had best go to your gp first and he will tell you whats best


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