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Can anyone tell me of any alternative medicine and the details thats undergone placebo controlled trials?

thank you.
yeah i believe homeopathy is nonsense, i also believe herbal and stuff like that is, but i would love to be proved wrong.
laslo: there have been trials but not double blind placebo trials, if so where?? there is nothing that i have seen where they have proven effective with many people involved.
as for placebo’s your dead right, they are powerful, but they’ve never worked on me. i think you have to believe in it first.

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11 Responses to “Can anyone tell me of any alternative medicine and the details thats undergone placebo controlled trials?”

  1. ♪♫Only♪ By ♥♪Grace♫♥ said :

    Homeopathy has undergone some such trials x

  2. Finny Macgee said :

    Homeopathy has undergone placebo trials, and they have all proven that homeopathy works no better than a placebo. A small number of dodgy studies have been twisted by homeopathists and misrepresented, but meta-analysis of hundreds of thousands of cases proves it to be nonsense.

  3. Jakob said :

    I’ve always wondered, if a placebo ends up working, then why do you need anything else if the placebo can fix the problem?

    (Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you)

  4. laslo.kovacs said :

    Many alternative medicines have undergone clinical trials and for the most part, they are shown to be no more effective than placebos.

    But remember, placebos are “real” in the sense that they can trigger physiological effects that are measurable.

  5. irenaaneri1980 said :

    Heres a link to another one of my answers.I think its at the bottom.
    Theres some other stuff there too apart from placebo controlled trials.
    Tell me if you want just placebo controlled trials and i’ll provide a link to another answer;_ylt=A0WTc6o0xQ5LlnEBeQvh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20091124063929AAcpJDb&show=7#profile-info-gIoeow83aa

  6. Rick G said :

    Sorry, I will talk about religion, faith, and many other things, but I WILL NOT do “alternative medicines”.

    Do a product by product search, and make sure the ones running the “test” are NOT the ones selling the product. You may have to dig deep to see if the “tester” is not a “double blind” front organization for the promoters.

  7. SkepDoc 3.0 said :

    Why should I have to do a Google search for you?

    Go to PubMed or the Cochrane Database and search there for such trials. There are hundreds if not thousands that have been done over the decades. You would have to get specific about which version of AM you are interested in.

  8. ~Stormy~ said :

    I normallly try to give detailed answers when asked for,but this being the holiday(in the US) I’m kind of on and off PC today obviously…so I don’t have time to do a full look-up,sorry.

    Off the top of my head…I know foresure that St John’s Wart is one….Valerian is one….there are plenty though:-)

    Again,sorry for the useless/short answer….I will try to get back to it at a better time though k:-)

  9. angrydoc said :

    PubMed is your friend.

  10. Rhianna Returns said :

    Cochrane, Lancet or Pubmed are reliable sources.

  11. Salerio said :

    Well many have undergone proper blinded trials. In the case of homeopathic treatments all have shown to be nothing more than placebo. In the case of herbal ‘medicines’ some have been shown to have a pharmaceutical effect. The trouble with that is you don’t know how much you’re taking, and you also take things you don’t want. That is why the pharmaceutical companies spend vast amounts of money either purifying herbals or (better/cheaper) synthesizing the wanted drug.

    As Dara Ó Briain said “if it’s shown to work it becomes medicine” otherwise “into the f’g sack” (you can find it on YouTube, it’s side-breakingly funny.

    You can also read Singn and Ernst’s book for more information.


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