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Why does my left eye get all teary when I have a coughing fit?

I have chronic bronchitis, so the fits are like proper fits. I can feel it in my throat and then all the gunge comes out through my nose. Normally. Only the last two days i’ve ended up with tears running down my left cheek from coughing. What’s the link?

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3 Responses to “Why does my left eye get all teary when I have a coughing fit?”

  1. maraesa1000 said :

    your eyes tear up when you cough. and since you have extreme coughing fits, then you will have tears streaming down your face. i suspect that the muscles down one side of your face are stronger the other which would case tears to come out more profusely on one side.

  2. granster5000 said :


  3. Myrtice Sandelin said :

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