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What Medicine is good for stuffed up noses?

For the past 2 days My nose has been stuffed up and I have been sneezingall day. What Medicine would be the most affective for like at night when your trying to sleep and for during the day so you don’t feel so misrable?

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4 Responses to “What Medicine is good for stuffed up noses?”

  1. suedetteuk said :


  2. Mustbe said :

    Tylenol Sinus {The Best They Are}

  3. Ashlie said :

    This may sound weird, but it works.
    Take a glass of water and put a little bit of salt in it.
    Hold the glass to your nose while tilting your head to the side so the salt water can get in your nasal passage. Do it on both sides and it should help.

  4. anthony b said :

    mucinex is the best thing for congestion ask any pharmacist…


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