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What kind of teas and fitness waters are actually good for you?

I drink propel fitness water when I work out and other then that I only drink straight water the rest of the time. I occasionally have a mountain dew or alcoholic beverages. But in terms of all the flavored water drinks out there(lifewater, vitamin water, etc) and the green teas(too many brands to list), which one of them are healthy to drink? Or should I just stick with plain water.

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4 Responses to “What kind of teas and fitness waters are actually good for you?”

  1. said :

    Just stick to plain water. All that other stuff is just hype. You don’t even need to consume sports drinks like gatorade unless you are working intensely for more than an hour. Save your money.

  2. pink and green chick said :

    its better to stick to plain water or 100% natural juice cuz the sugars in those drinks are worse for you in the long run. there are plenty of natural ways to get an energy boost, a lot of make-it-at-home ways which are much better for you. Also the ones that are “sugar less” probably have aspertame and thats VERY bad for you, much worse than sugar!

  3. babychel said :

    water is the best…. dont drink flavored water as it has sugar and it will cause you to drink more of it… and even if it says its not fattening… sugar is fattening. so i suggest you stick with plain old water -=)

  4. Melissa♥ said :

    tea- green tea.
    firness water- regular water, or propel is the best, & powerade option. zero calories in that!

    hope this helps! =] ♥


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