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What is a healthy juice kind of drink that you can drink all the time, everyday?

I should drink a lot of water, because I know it’s healthy… but I don’t like it. I usually mix it with like half a glass of orange juice or apple juice something. I’m kinda tired of just plain apple juice and orange juice. I really like the V8 Splash, with the fruit and vegetables in it, I think that may be a good drink? But it has to be something that is not bad for me, and that is healthy in large amounts since I will drink just that, and mix in water (And have a glass of water a few times a week). I used to buy the big cases of Diet Snapple and drink nothing but that… but I feel there must be something healthier out there.

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7 Responses to “What is a healthy juice kind of drink that you can drink all the time, everyday?”

  1. Keepsie said:

    Try Crystal Light. I live on that stuff. 5 calories per 20oz serving. Lots of different flavors. Or Unsweetened tea with a splash of fruit juice.

  2. Anga said:

    Have you tried vitamin water? its really tasty, hydrates you, has ingredients that are good for you, and has less sugar than juice….not to mention the vitamins.

  3. ellx33 said:

    Ew, how do you mix water and orange juice? Agreed, crystal light is amazing. I drink it everyday, it only has 5 calories and there are so many flavors. My favorites are wild strawberry and raspberry lemonade.

  4. Monkeyguts said:

    Did you try whiskey?
    It sounds to me like you have a sweet tooth
    what about that flavoured sweetened water aquafina makes
    I dont remember what it is called
    I know about it cause the bottles look the same and I accidentally bought some once,

  5. LadyLynn said:

    Cranberry juice. And now they have mixtures like Cran-apple and a lot more. That’s really healthy to drink in order to prevent Bladder infections or Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs.) 🙂

  6. Mr. Fancy Pants said:

    V8 berry blend

  7. jayakumar v said:

    Best drink in this world is pure, not so cold, mountain water.


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