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What kind of nutrition should I be looking at for a fat-loss program ?

I am a 52 yr old 5 ft 10 in male, that weighs 175 lbs, and I want to lose about 10-15 lbs around my stomache, and/or tone my muscles. I only consume lacto-vegetarian foods. Apparently I should only be consuming 2000 calories a day if I am sedentary and up to 2600 calories a day if I am active. My diet usually consists of a whole grain like brown rice basmati rice, barley or quinoa, and a soup of spiced split mung beans, with steamed vegetables, or an avocado, a little plain yogurt, and some flax oil. Is there anything else I could add to this or change to help me lose more weight ? Will using more thermogenic spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, fenugreek . or cayenne help in “burning” up calories ? Will Whey protein help with turning fat into more muscle ?

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3 Responses to “What kind of nutrition should I be looking at for a fat-loss program ?”

  1. felicity2050 said :

    You’re making me hungry! 🙂 Your diet sounds fine…what do you do for exercise? Pilates works your core, situps, reverse crunches, stability balls make it more challenging, callanetics (kinda a woman type exercise, but it shows men in the video), they make several kinds of whey protein, but you have to be careful of the sugar…some have more than others….i would go to gnc or vitamin world or their equivalent and ask these question, they can be very helpful!

  2. natasha n said :

    i suggest kicking back on alcohol, if you consume any? and drink green tea, it is good for metabolism. Eat small portions at each meal and eat frequently throughout the day. perhaps you should join a gym and do some cardio exercise like jogging, that will slim your whole body. for just the stomach try working on your abs. you sound like you eat pretty healthy, you should lose wieght, try eating 2000 calories a day.sadly the less you eat, the skinnier you become. after you have reached your goal, start eatinga little bit more. that is what i did, im petite, so did a 1000 calorie diet, and lost weight quickly, once i reached my goal, i went up to 1400 calories, where i am now.

  3. Sandy H said :

    Sounds like you are doing all the right stuff. Think about the rice dishes once a week, moderately, and add more spices …… Sounds like your doing all the good right things tho!!!!!
    Being a diabetic myself, I’ve had to omit, bread, sugar, and starch…..and incorporate more veggies, and salads, and poultry,,,, no red meats. So I can relate. But sounds like your doing well.


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