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What is the best way of listening to music while out running?

I currently still plug myself into a cassette player and make my own running tapes. Are there any others out there still doing this? I want to get more up to date and download music from my computer. Given I am fifty and not up to date with technology what would be best to buy. I don’t understand the difference between an mp3 player and an ipod. What I buy must be under a 100 pounds and stable while running. Would be glad of any suggestions from others who enjoy running to their favourite music.

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13 Responses to “What is the best way of listening to music while out running?”

  1. киска said :

    no difference between two, they are both MP3 players, Ipod is just more expensive.

  2. Marvin_car_parker said :

    Try whistling or singing – much cheaper

  3. Chianti Man said :

    Use either

  4. REBECCA said :

    Ipod is just a brand of mp3 player, and compatable with i-tunes ( a site for downloading music). I hve a video ipod but for running nanos are much smaller and slimmer

  5. jennycamuk said :

    my advice would be to get an mp3 player from argos about £30, then download on this song where on the road to nowhere /eye of the tiger great running song/anything by jean michell jare,basically what ever song you like you can download on limewire and then transfer to mp3 file,this will enable you to listen to the songs on your mp3 player.

    hope this helps,happy running

  6. spagbolfordinner said :

    You can get an ipod nano (the smallest) for less than £100 now (use a kelkoo seach to find the cheapest online) and get an arm band strap for about £15 or so. I borrowed a friends nano and arm strap when I did Race for Life this year and it was fantastic. As i use itunes on my computer, I’m personally holding out for an ipod this christmas!

    However, most people on here are right, it IS just an MP3 player and there ARE cheaper options. I’d suggest you google Which? and see if they have reviews (im sure they will)

    Not wanting to push Ipods BUT they have just bought on the new ipod shuffle which is the size of a matchbox and is literally a clip, so you just clip it onto your clothing…. The main thing about a shuffle is you can’t go through it and select a particular artist etc, it just shuffles (plays randomly) all the tracks on it. However, if i went with that I’d only put on tracks that help me run anyway!!

    Definitely google and go from there- most stores work on commission for different products so you might find it difficult getting a neutral view!

    God bless the internet!

  7. Urban K said :

    I use an MP3 player. It’s light, durable, can be easily operated… I download different stiles of music from the web from rock, metal, R&B, soul,… the tunes I like and enjoy. Pick up the music you like even if it’ clacical. Everything is OK as long you enjoy it.

  8. *Miss. Pink* said :

    you should get an iPOD nano like mine…and the case you can strap around your arm…it doesn’t skip and plays great!…they’re on sale now by the way! a 1GB (gigabyte) ipod used to be $150.00 when I got mine…now a 2GB is $138.00… By the way, just in case you don’t know, gigabytes let you know how much storage you have on your ipod…. A 1GB lets you store 240 songs and a 2Gb lets you store 500…Sounds like a deal to me!

  9. Clay B said :

    Depends. if you want a fast pace listen to fast pace music like alternative rock. if you want a slow steady jog listen to slower pace music.

  10. mariah m said :

    get your i pod and put it in your pocket while your running

  11. warlord said :

    get an ipod

  12. tekierz s said :

    iPods, are just a type of mp3 player. I would try getting one of the new iPod Shuffles, they are really light and small, and they have a built in clip so they are really convient.
    About the kind of music I listen too, I usually listen to soft music accoustic music durring long runs. And stuff like punk rock, hardcore, and other types of fast paced music for runs shorter than 2 miles.

  13. Baby-Bop said :

    if u plan on runnin and listenin get an mp3 player with a strap to tie it to ur arm


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