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What is some good protein to aid weightloss?

I am trying to eat healthier and less processed foods. I’ve been eating Dannon Light Yogurt religiously but I recently just heard that it’s no good for me since it has ‘a lot of chemicals’ in it…..I guess b/c it’s fat free. Also, I’m training for a marathon and I know protein is important for athletes. Plus I want to lose weight. What are some easy/good protein foods I can increase in my diet?

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5 Responses to “What is some good protein to aid weightloss?”

  1. jmorris48042 said :

    Oh I can’t. I have to let this one go.

  2. jeremylikness said :

    The proteins aren’t going to aid or hinder your weight loss … that is a function of total calories. If you consume lower calories (even from junk food) you can lose weight, while higher calories of even healthy foods can cause weight gain.

    The best proteins are whole, unprocessed, lean proteins. Sources could include chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, egg whites, and most fish.

    This should be adequate for your nutritional needs. If you do decided to supplement with extra protein, I suggest not putting “all your eggs in one basket” i.e. purchasing a whey-only or soy-only shake, but rather a blend of proteins so that you receive the fully matrix of benefits.


  3. leesespieces said :

    Soy proteins, such as edamame or soy milk, work wonders. They are low in bad fats and taste GOOD. Also, lean meats such as fish (salmon, tuna, etc) will help wait loss. Too much red meat is a no-no. If you are going to run a marathon, make sure that you get a healthy amount of carbs and pottasium rich foods such as bananas in your diet as well. Training for a marathon will help you lose weight, but there is more to it than that. It’s pure physical endurance and it will push your body to the limit. Eat lots of protein, but eat smart and a healthy amount, too. Your body needs all the nutrients it can get.

  4. deane b said :

    Tuna is a great choice. I eat the one in water, and add boiled eggs but don’t use the yolk. Also salmon.

    I don’t eat anything with all those chemicals; no margerine, no lowfat products. Mayo, cheese, etc.
    It’s healthier to eat the real, natural stuff and eat only a small or moderate amount. I use real butter when I need it, Breyer’s ice-cream is the only one I’ve found that has 3-4 ingredients.

    Nuts are good. I carry a can or ziplock bag of mixed nuts with me everywhere, and keep them in my car. It’s a good low carb high protein snack.
    I use Slim Fast low carb shakes for a supplement, but eat normal meals also. They taste good. If I don’t get enough protein that day, this helps.
    Drink lots of water, especially a glass or more before a meal! You’ll eat less.
    Don’t skip meals! I eat every few hours, even if just a bit.
    It keeps your metabolism working which helps with weight loss.

    I keep several types of cheese at home. Cheese is a good snack. I roll up a slice of deli turkey and cheese and eat a few of those; skip the bread.

    Good luck!

  5. doright said :

    try the personalised protein powder from shapworks, its designed to target all the cells that need feeding the most. I have tried quite a few and this is the best one on the market. try, they are the most effective in terms of feeding the muscles and it will be noticeable very quickly in your training. I use this stuff to train for my triathlons and I have gone from being in the low 20’s upto the top ten inside 18 months. Good luck.


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