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What are the health effects of chain smoking? Are they worse or the same as regular smokers?

I chain smoke about 1/2-3/4 a pack of smokes a day. I was wondering what kind of effect this can have on my health? I know smoking is bad but I am trying to stay away from drugs and it helps. I use to think I wasn’t addicted but I honestly can say I am.

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2 Responses to “What are the health effects of chain smoking? Are they worse or the same as regular smokers?”

  1. Paul said :

    Quit smoking, put the money you are wasting into a mutual fund, by the time you retire, down the road, the funds could grow into a sum large enough to make you a millionaire. American Funds, is a good choice. When you quit, your hair, breath, and clothes will no longer stink. This is a benefit if you are about to start dating. A few years back I dated 2 girls who smoked. Couldn’t stand to be around them because of the residual smoke smell. I quit dating girls who smoked as a result. I hope you can quit, do not let your life be dictated by peer pressure. Be your own lady. Good Luck.

  2. Weegee said :

    Cigarettes have over 400 carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals in them…at the very least, you’re setting yourself up for lung cancer and probably heart failure not long down the road. I know quitting is hard, I don’t blame you – not everybody can just drop it and say that’s the end. The truth is, nicotine is a very powerful addiction; from my experience, and giving advice to friends and family, weaning yourself off of it gradually is the best way to do it. You have to remember, that it’s nicotine that’s the issue – if you could replace the nicotine source, you can replace the cigarette entirely and still be satisfied and gradually slow down. Really, there are two ways of doing this; the ‘nicotine replacement therapy’ method and the ‘gradual reduction’ method. There’s a lot more information on both at this site:

    Congratulations for at least taking the first step to quitting….in the long run the effort will pay off. =]


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