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What are the dangers in using my health insurance to get medication for someone else?

My boyfriend neeeeds to quit smoking, he smokes like more than a pack a day! But! He doesnt have health insurance, and i have great health insurance through my job. Are there any potential dangers to getting him a prescription for chantix on my health insurance ? (i socially smoke so it wouldnt be a huge stretch at the docs office) Could it increase my insurance costs to admit that i am a “smoker” to insurers?

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2 Responses to “What are the dangers in using my health insurance to get medication for someone else?”

  1. Kc L said :

    what country are you in? i am in australia and i work for a private health insurer. If you do live in Australia or a country that has a similar system, it does not increase the cost of your private health insurance if you are a smoker.

    if you are however caught for claiming medication that is not for yourself under your private health insurance, your health cover will be terminated and you run the risk of legal action.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Johnny Friendly said :

    It won’t increase your premiums because you’re on your employer’s group plan, but if you ever submit a large claim, your insurance company could comb through your records, discover that you “lied” about not being a smoker and use that as an excuse to deny your claim. If your boyfriend wants to quit and can’t do it without the drug, he can pay for the prescription himself without insurance. I also think he’ll be more likely to stick to the program if he spends his own money on it. The cost will be worth it if he successfully quits because he will no longer have to spend $40 a week ($2,000 a year) on cigarettes.


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