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What are the negative health effects of not getting enough sleep?

First, I do not have insomnia, I can sleep just fine, I am just choosing not to because I can. I can stay up for two days at a time without any trouble, and I don’t use any drugs to keep me awake. Now, I am not even tired when I go to sleep at the end of the 2nd day, but I go to sleep anyway because I know I should. I have been doing this for about a month, and it appears to have no effect on my health. I exercise every day and eat right, I just think that this may somehow effect my health in the long run. Is there anything I need to worry about?

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3 Responses to “What are the negative health effects of not getting enough sleep?”

  1. libby said :

    I saw something in a newspaper about a year ago about a woman in Japan who was 110 years old. She claimed she only slept every OTHER night and she attributed her longevity to her alternative sleeping preferences. So, maybe you’re on the right track.

  2. dutchling2be said :

    when we sleep our brains dont shut down but slow down. we rejuvinate our brain causing us to think more clearly and be more preductive in just about everything we do. It can effect the body in the long run. Our muscles dont get the proper rest they require. here are two links. the first goes into great detail about what it does to the brain and the second is sleep deprivation fron

  3. mike12345672002 said :

    Well according to my 10th Grade Geometry Teacher Your brain will not function properly and it will not work to its potential


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