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What are some successful methods to slowly and then completley stop smoking cigarettes?

I’ve been smoking for 5 years and I need to stop before, I get so addicted that can’t stop.

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5 Responses to “What are some successful methods to slowly and then completley stop smoking cigarettes?”

  1. Kerri said :

    If you are asking this question you are addicted already.
    I stopped in 1990. I awoke one morning and did not smoke again.
    It was not easy but as each day passed my resolve became stronger.
    But I told nobody, so I was not tempted by anyone to have a smoke.
    It was a full week before I disposed of my cigarettes and lighter.

  2. PatrickF said :

    try alternative ways of nicotine. Such as nicotine gum, or patches. Also even chewing tobacco like skoal, copenhagen, or some finee grizzmint ya know nig

  3. Rambo said :

    Get admitted in a hospital where smoking is not allowed .Once you stop smoking for 2 days you can continue the same for life long

  4. Neebler said :

    A cigarette delivers the nicotine (that you’re already addicted to, by the way) in such a way as to enforce the addition. It gives you a big hit right away. The nicotine chewing gum and patches supply the nicotine in low levels over a longer time. This helps you to reduce the nicotine levels over a few weeks without the feelings of withdrawal. Talk to your Dr. about it and I’m sure he will hook you up with a prescription.

  5. Fike Abstract said :

    This is one of (I hope) many·


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