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What Can I Do To Make My Husband Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

I am a health-conscious person and I care about my husband’s health. He is not a chain-smoker. I keep telling him to stop smoking but he just won’t listen. How do I make him stop smoking? What can I do?

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7 Responses to “What Can I Do To Make My Husband Stop Smoking Cigarettes?”

  1. Alyssa said :

    You can’t MAKE anyone do anything. You may be able to sway his opinion of smoking if you show him how harmful it is by statistics etc. but good luck on making your husband do anything.

  2. strawberriesluv said :

    You can’t force him to stop smoking he has to want to do it on his own. Forcing him will only make him more resistant. Just let him know when he is ready to quit you will be there to help and leave it alone.

  3. *Alluring Atheist* said :

    You can nag a smoker all you want, it won’t help.

    A smoker will only quit when they are ready…trust me, anyone who smokes knows how bad it is for them, it’s slammed into their brains on a daily basis.

  4. Amanda said :

    Tell him it’s you or the smokes. It should be an easy decision. That’s what I did to my boyfriend.

  5. ♥Bell'amore♥ said :

    You can’t make him quit smoking. I am going through that right this minute and it SUCKS!! I have a condition that is causing me to not be able to drive right now. I ran out of cigarettes and my husband won’t go get me any. He thinks it’s best for me and since I can’t drive has decided (with no preparation at all) that I am going to quit right now. I have decided that I am never speaking to him again and am hoping with all of my mite that he stubs his pinkie toes….hard, and that he gets paper cuts between all of his fingers!!! I can tell you, he is only going to resent you if you keep badgering him about it. Leave him alone!!!!! He knows the dangers, he knows what it is doing to his health. He will quit if and when he is ready. And, in case you haven’t been told this, you bugging him about is only making him want to continue smoking even more!
    (Sorry if I sound mean, I really don’t mean to..nicotine withdrawals are making me a bit of a jerk 🙂

  6. ProudMomof3 said :

    You’re a health conscious person, but yet you married a smoker? That was smart, wasn’t it?

  7. Micah said :

    tell him the dangers. sorry for any typos i have a heating pad in my ear lol. when hes asleep put a nicoderm patch on his arm. he wont know it 🙂 or ask if he wants gum. give him the smoking gum.

    hope i helped 🙂


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