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My mom works against my fat loss goals she tells me not to be social and puts me down?

One day she’ll tell me to go on a diet because I’m fat then the next day she will get ice cream cookies, pizza, etc. and tell me its okay to have some and to start fresh tomorrow’s. Its like some terrible cycle.

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14 Responses to “My mom works against my fat loss goals she tells me not to be social and puts me down?”

  1. Jacky rox said :

    just try to avoid all that junk she takes home!!

  2. diesel said :

    Not to sound rude, but it sounds like your mom doesn’t have an issue with you, but she has issues with herself. She just takes it out on you. Don’t feel bad about yourself. She has insecurities. Is she overweight? If so, she probably doesn’t want you to be overweight like she is and that is why she says that to you. It is hard to believe, but she is probably doing it out of love for you, but she is doing it the wrong way. She is struggling with eating healthy too, it sounds like. Don’t get down on yourself b/c the real problem is with her. 🙂

  3. Nikki said :

    Tim~ I hate to say this, but then put your foot down. Your parent is supposed to support you in what you would like and have achieved. Tell her that you don’t want to eat those kinds of things. Or if she buys it, prove her wrong and DON’T eat it! It’s all about will power. I know it’s hard, but you can do this. Find support in your friends or from groups. I’m sorry she calls you names also, that certainly isn’t nice, especially for a parent. I wish you well.

  4. Sonia101 said :

    you need to put your foot down! tell her that she has to choose she can’t keep telling you to lose weight and then buy you fatty foods. tell her if she wants you to lose weight then she has to stop buying these sorts of food and buy healthy things and if she doesn’t want to stop buying these fatty foods then tell her not to tell u no lose weight

  5. leo_lyon81 said :

    Continue to try to eat healthy regardless of what she says. Make sure you work out on a regular basis. Use her put-downs as fuel to push you towards the body that you want.

  6. samnbudsmom said :

    You have to block her out. You eat the foods you know are healthy. Its ok to refuse her meals if its for a good reason. Work out about 30 min a day and eat lots of friut and veggies. If you believe that you know whats best and she’s getting in the way then give her the brick wall.

  7. La_rose_noire said :

    maybe you should have a talk with her and let her know how you feel about the way she’s acting. When she buys junk food just dont eat it, i doubt she’s forcing you to have some, just make your own healthy meal that day and show her that nothing can alter your weight loss goals.

  8. Alexa :) said :

    Aw, I’m sorry your mom puts you down. It sounds like your mom might have own self-issues. Just be strong and stick to your weight loss plans. Good Luck. =)

  9. Ethan S said :

    If I were to negatively approach things, I would ask, is your mom overweight? She may be unloading her insecurities on you by saying that YOU need to lose weight. I may be completely off on this one, but perhaps if she is overweight, she also wishes to keep you overweight also. (misery loves company)

    On a more positive outlook, maybe she tells you one day that you need to lose weight, and then later feels bad about possibly damaging your self image and tries to make up by buying you foods you like.

    I guess for me, the answer would lie in how your mother is telling you to diet. Is she coming across as mean and condescending? example, “you need to lose weight because you’re fat”

    Or does she have a more gentle demeanor when she lets you know about your weight. “I really feel that you should think about dieting, you’ve kind of gained a few pounds, and I’m just trying to keep you healthy”

    It boils down to, are you perceiving that she is coming across as harsh, when she may not be, or is she indeed being mean? If she is being mean, maybe you could talk to a school counselor or doctor about it, for she has no right to make you feel bad about yourself intentionally.

  10. TIMOTHY H said :

    Ice cream, cookies, pizza, and etc. Sounds like she’s covered all four of the food groups. I can’t resist big bowl of etc. Seriously though, BE STRONG MY FRIEND, DON’T GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION, RESIST THE CALLING OF THE JUNK FOOD!!!!

  11. Jinx said :

    sit down and have a talk with her. set out some goals for you together. ask her to support you in your goal to lose weight. make sure you let her know in a nice way how you feel and that you’d like her to support and help you. maybe start a new diet and excersise plan together- working out alone is so boring and you’re bound to lose interest! it’s a good way to get healthy and to get to be better friends with your mom.
    Good luck!

  12. Roni said :

    You can eat junk food every once in awihle… it is okay to do that. But it is best to change what you eat permanitly than go on a diet. Just eat the way you are supposed to. A good place to find your personal nutrition information is

    all you do is enter your age, gender, hieght, weight, and physical activity and it will give you a general idea of what you should eat based on the different food groups.

  13. joe_fleeman said :

    Next time tell her “no, it is NOT all right, and tell her to get you something else.Tell her you will have an ice cream ONCE a week, IF you want one then, but none the rest of the time.
    Tell her you are trying to lose weight and all these “little” cheats add up.
    You are going to have to learn to say no to her.

  14. band geek said :

    wow i have the same problem! my dad says im fat and should lose weight, but whenever i try to exercise he just makes fun of me! my mom will get ice cream, pizza, whatever and won’t buy healthy food because she says it doesn’t taste good. AH. i really just have to ignore my dad, and as for the food, just eat smaller portions. but i feel your pain, dude.


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