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Im drinking so much water and nothing else why, will i get slimmer??

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23 Responses to “Im drinking so much water and nothing else why, will i get slimmer??”

  1. pasado manana tu madre said :

    no its means you wont get any nutriants

  2. g.m said :

    no but you will be a pain in the butt tonight (enjoy yourself)

  3. angelkitty0012 said :

    because water is very health for you, unlike soda, which is high in carbs and stuff

  4. Muffin said :

    You need to eat healthily too, otherwise you’ll just look like a bag of bones. Not good.

  5. tryingmybest79 said :

    I hope you are eating also. You cannot live on water alone, and even if you do lose weight, you will gain it back very quickly, if not more.

    By depriving your body of what it needs, you will lower your metabolism, which means it is easier to gain and retain weight. In effect, your body feels the need to store what it gets, because it is affraid you won’t give it anything else.

    But if you mean you are drinking water instead of cola, etc.Yes, that is healthy.

  6. aaeon said :

    If you only drink water and nothing else you will get sick. That should help you lose weight …

    If you come across any diet that radically is different from your own, it is most likely a crock, not healthy, and unsustainable.

    Good luck.

  7. zoe.caines said :

    You might lose some weight from not having all the required nutrients in your daily diet. If you want to lost weight the best idea is to eat small regular meals, and if you are peckish to nibble cut up carrots and fruit and veg.

    The idea is to eat smaller amounts of food, that way you don’t need to completely get rid of any food that you like – you just have to limit what you eat of certain foods.

  8. Natalie B said :

    No – it’s a bad way to diet! Whilst water will flush out your system, it contains no nutrients which you need. Surviving on water will just put your body into ‘starvation’ mode, which means that it will just store your fat. You will get slimmer eventually, but it isn’t good as you’ll probaby end up eating food after 24hours, and your body will immediately store the energy.

  9. savanay said :


  10. fozz89 said :

    you will get slimmer, but you’ll just become skin and bones, and obviously very ill, water can’t give you the nutrients that you need to repair tissue for example, you’d just waste away, i definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it. Your fat stores will be used up slowly but surely, and then your vital organs would begin to shut down.

  11. jelandjer said :

    hope your eating food too, your body needs nutrients to survive, if you dont eat, the nutrients your body needs will be taken from the marrow in your bones and that can lead to a lot of problems.

  12. still_ballin2007 said :

    Plain and simple: water is healthy, but it doesn’t give you everything you need. Why do you think we have a food pyramid of our daily recommended nutrients and things like that? Study up on what foods are healthy and which foods can give you the nutrients you need. Also excercise with a healthy diet. Pills wont work they just are lies trust me, best tihng you can do: eat healthy and excercise

  13. thunderchild67 said :

    please eat something low fat also if u want to lose weight drinking water alone gives no nutrition, all your organs will be affected if you do this for more than a week….your also missing out vital salts and sugars which you need for brain function never diet like this without consulting a doctor

  14. Lauren S said :

    Well, just drinking water means that you are not ingesting all of the cars and sugars of other drinks. But enjoy yourself! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  15. Lindsey said :

    Yes, but you need to do other things as well. Eat healthy foods..fiberous foods! Drink green tea and exercise too. Be a little bit careful on your water consumption. Don’t drink too much at once because it can cause water intoxication..which can have effects on your kidneys and heart..but that would be taking it to extremes.

  16. mi55y said :

    u wont get slimmer………if you have loads of water you would have clear skin…..

  17. dwes said :

    Without being rude but ARE YOU FOR REAL? By drinking water only you will become weak and any weight you lose you will put back on as soon as you eat again. I know from experience that its hard to lose weight after i had my daughter 3 years ago i went from being 10 stone to being 12 and half stone. i am now back to my 10 stone After two years of hard work and determination, but i also know that the weight i lose will stay off because I’ve not only lost the weight but lost my old eating habits and gained new ones. I still have a little of what i want and still drink but tip is to eat on side plates rather than dinner plates the bigger the plate the more tempted you are to fill it and continue eating even when you are full. By NO means should you starve yourself!!! please start eating again and lose weight the proper way before its a real problem eg. anorexia. I am only 23 so haven’t had years of struggling with my weight but i know its hard, i got very depressed my partner says he loved my curves but i did it for myself only. If you really want to lose weight please do it the sensible way not only for your health but to keep it off,not eating is NOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

  18. CosOfGrace said :

    Your question doesn’t gramatically make sense so I’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re asking. But you must surely know that you’re not doing yourself any favours by just drinking water? You need protein, carbohydrate, fibre, fat, and vitamins and minerals. As soon as you start eating again, you’ll pile the weight back on – especially as you’re slowing your metabolism right down.

  19. Rachel S said :

    no its does not work like that.. drinking lots of water will keep you healthy inside, healthy eating and fitness with keep you in trim dont over do it tho

  20. sharon said :

    of course and u will get weaker and sick .u should have everything in balance.

  21. Daniel J said :

    yes you will but youll also become ill!!!!!!!!! your not getting the nutrients your body needs! at least eat some veg and fruit and some meat and/or fish. it doesnt have to be loads and loads.

  22. peroxide blonde said :

    nope appart from making you very sick because you can overdose on water so try and still eat food you dont want to be very sick

  23. Vulture37 said :

    Yes. Soon your body will exhaust its supply of fats, and then it will start to burn muscle.

    This will NOT make you look attractive!

    Try eating smaller regular meals, and take exercise at least 3 times a week, for at least 45 mins ( including warm up / down).

    Try swimming, its low impact and helps with toning.


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