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I am getting contact lenses in a couple of weeks time and was wondering if you ever get used to them?

I have a really odd prescription so have had soft lenses made using molds of my eyes. The lenses are also made of a soft hydrogel material and the lens maker has done something called aberration control. A huge amount of effort and money has gone into the creation of these custom fit lenses however I’m just concerned that I will feel them in my eyes. Are you always aware that they are there?

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11 Responses to “I am getting contact lenses in a couple of weeks time and was wondering if you ever get used to them?”

  1. Kitty . said :

    I’m wearing mine right now and I don’t feel them, once they’re in your eyes and you blink a bunch of times to stop things, you won’t feel them because they’re so light. It’s actually advised that you talk to your optician if you DO feel them. But yes, it doesn’t take long at all to get used to them.

  2. hayley said :

    once you have it for about 2-4 weeks you will get used to them u wont really kno its there and wont bother you but dont think about it all the time thnx xxx

  3. L said :

    I wore glasses for 14/15 years. I was a bit spooked about contct lenses being uncomfortable. To start with I struggled putting them in etc, but having used them for over a year now, I could`nt go back to being a permanant glasses wearer!

  4. dave g said :

    Initially you can ‘feel’ them, but you will definitely forget about them after a while. I’d say you only notice they are in for like the first 15 minutes. After that, you only notice them if you conciously think about it.

  5. ilovepiano said :

    No, I don’t even notice mine. After you put them in, you just check they’re in ok then that’s it!

    I think when I first got them, I was a bit aware of them, just like you are when you get new glasses but after a few hours I was fine. The only time I’ll notice them is if they’re dry, but I’ve got some eye drops which work a treat.

  6. mrs orlando bloom said :

    I have some like that as well, and have been wearing them since last January. I only felt mine in the first couple of weeks that I wore them in and now I can never even tell. You do get used to them very quickly. It will be odd when you have them in and you might be able to feel them, or imagine you can feel them, but this will be just because you are conscious of having them in.
    Happy contact wearing!!!!


  7. super_jeff2001 said :

    In my experience with contacts, I notice them less than I did my glasses. Also depends on how long the lenses are supposed to last. 1 day, weekly, etc…They will probably start to bother your eyes near the end of their lifespan. But all in all, less noticable than my glasses.

  8. Vicky said :

    I Have Contacts And It Is Difficult To Put Them In At First , And Some People Never Get The Hang Of It But Many Do … If You Have Them In Correct You Wont Know They’re There …. Practise Makes Perfect

  9. tro said :

    oh man do you get used to them———
    I wore hard contacts for over 30 yrs, very special called Burnors, and as I got older my eyes got dryer until I absolutely had to give them up
    but what a great 30 yrs, free from glasses etc.

  10. Janet said :

    I couldn’t feel them after 5 minutes. I know that I have them in if I can see clearly but other than that, you don’t notice them. After 4 years in glasses, I got contacts the summer before high school. I LOVE them because they don’t get dirty and are usually very comfortable.

  11. Emma said :

    well when you first put them in, you may experience some pain, mostly stinging but some pressure maybe t the beginning. when the contacts have settled and are comfortable, most of the time they cannot be felt, however sometimes they do unsettle slightly.


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