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How often should you weigh in when dieting?

My friend and I are dieting and we measured ourselves so when should we measure ourselves and weigh ourselves again? Like a week, a month, how long?
=) thanks.

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4 Responses to “How often should you weigh in when dieting?”

  1. Jason B said :

    Every week is best. It lets you know the sucess on youre diet.

  2. Tori02 said :

    i say every week… every month is too long cuz then u wont get to see if what ur doing is really working (for ex.) and every day is too little cuz if there are no results u might get discouraged… losing weight takes time so definitely weighing urselves every week is perfect.. oh and when u do weigh urself do it in the morning…thatll give u ur accurate weight.. good luck 🙂

  3. Viola Lee Blues said :

    take note of your success at the end of each week. don’t get obsessive though.

  4. Fat Loss Specialist said :

    Once a week is good enough. Any more than that can cause stress that can actually hamper your results.


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