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How many grams of fat are in the average home cooked meal?

On average, how much fat will you find in a home cooked meal? I’m at school without a kitchen and the some of the packaged foods I’m finding seem really high in fat, but I want to know how it compares to eating real meals.

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2 Responses to “How many grams of fat are in the average home cooked meal?”

  1. vzonary said :

    That is really hard to say. There are so many variables. What are we cooking?
    Using different ingredients will give different results
    If you only use low fat and no fat seasonings and sauces of course the fat content will be less than a rich use of butter,whole,milk, eggs, bacon fat etc.. but if you are someone who only uses herbs, and olive oils to season, then the fat content will be lower still.
    Cooking methods play a part too. If you bake, broil, boil, steam, or grill all your food, instead of frying, the calorie count is lower too.
    Ingredients. Fresh foods. fruits and veggies, are always better than processed, and taste better too.

    You can make some very tasty low fat meals. Or you can make some really down home comfort foods loaded with calories, and fats, with rich sauces, and condiments.
    Hard to say right off how much fat is in a home cooked meal. It really does depend on the meal, and how it is cooked..

    Prepackaged food usually is very high in Sodium as well as fat. They also contain preservatives. The convenience is great , especially since you do not have a kitchen, but I would look and compare, if it were my only option. Maybe add some more fruits, and salads to my diet.

  2. Hootwing said :


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