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How important is physical fitness to a good sex life?

I think it’s very important because of flexibility and stamina. It’s one of the many benefits to fitness.

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4 Responses to “How important is physical fitness to a good sex life?”

  1. Morgan said :

    it’s nice to have a good body

  2. avena a said :

    Candlelight dinners, sweet gifts, and soft music are some things people do to initiate intimate relations. But can exercise work just as well and contribute to a healthy sex life? According to the American Council on Exercise it can. Heating your sex life can be accomplished through maintaining a good exercise regimen improving sexual function in both men and women. Exercise is not only a physical but mental activity much like sex is. Exercise can enhanced sexuality because of the benefits gained in muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular functioning. Increased performance of blood flow and increased levels of testosterone levels all lead to a robust and energetic sex life. Studies published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality conclude that people who regularly exercise have a better perception of themselves, and are more confident in their physical abilities, and find themselves more sexually attractive which all add to feelings of competency in love making. They also experience higher levels of satisfaction or may feel more sexually desirable to the opposite sex.


  3. Gummy Bear said :

    I think its very important – at least to me. Being physically fit helps me feel sexier – which makes it better for my partner.

  4. Lela S said :

    Well it is incredibly important, I mean if you are out of breath 5 minutes in….not so good. Plus for over weight men the shaft of the penis can be covered up by excess belly fat. A man gains 1/2 inch in “size” for every 35 lbs he loses!
    Another plus to being fit is that stronger core muscles equal bigger orgasms for both men and women. An orgasm is just a muscle spasm, stronger muscles mean bigger spasms! 😉

    Diet is very important is well. A major cause of low libido is a zinc deficiency!


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