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Whats a good way to start getting physically fit if I have been doing nothing?

I am curious. I want to get back into shape but have been seditary for a number of years. Life situation has attributed to my lifestyle as I had to deal with break up, heartache, pain, and so on. Now some years later here I am putting my life back together again. I started looking at myself harder in the mirror and I don’t like what I see yet I am not exactly in the Army anymore and have a weak right knee that hurts when I run hard. So how do I hit it hard and get fit without destroying myself? any good advice for an old guy? Hehehe I am 36 years old actually but feel like 60 or something. I want to get off my rear end and do something about my fat belly and all of that. So do I pull a “rocky Balboa” and hit it like I’m training for the Olympics or something or do I slow that down and take her easy? You tell me. Also how do eat. I eat out A LOT! Pizzas galore! I love Calzones but they don’t love me. I need to know how to eat all over again. I feel like a kid starting out fresh.

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6 Responses to “Whats a good way to start getting physically fit if I have been doing nothing?”

  1. magic5227 said :

    First step.

    GO easy on everything. Dont start with a lot of anything, go slow.

    I’d say start with your diet. Try replacing foods and sodas with healthier stuff. Instead of those pizzas eat salads with chicken or fruit.

    I wouldnt worry about eating a lot, just what you’re eating a lot of.

    Second, start by walking or power walking with weights. Make it fun by having a destination or by rewarding yourself afterwards. I like to take of chores while walking or ridding a bike, that way I feel like Im not wasting time, im exercising and doing chores.

    I also reccomend listening to music or the radio. I like NPR as I can walk and listen to current events at the same time.

    Slowly, as you get in better shape, you can start easy lifting with weights or more aerobic exercise.

    Good luck!

    the hardest part is the first step.

  2. kd5pzz said :

    Start walking or a slow jog. Don’t push it too much. Do pull ups and crunches just like you were in the Army. I don’t concern myself with a proper diet though because it all gets burned off anyway. Just keep adding to it everyday and you will soon get there.

  3. lifetimefamily said :

    start by taking a look at the diabetics sugar lots of salad but little dressing and then walk. walk walk walk farther and faster each day. i went from 340 to 250 in 3 months doing this,the reason unfortunitly that i started to exercize was, i had come down with sudden onset diabeties. was in the hospital for 10 avoid that part and do what i learned to do the hard way.. and good luck 😉 ps the diabeties is what woke me up don’t wait for it to happen to you.

  4. superboy22_h said :

    exrcise every day with music to make it amusing.. drink not less than 10 glasses of waters a day,, have your dishes full of vegetables,,,(stop eating pizzas it has lot of bad cholesterol),,, always consider balance diet and healthy foods.. don’t eat too much at night,, have enough food for the morning at least 1 cup of rice will do same with launch… and always have perspiration every day…

  5. mrscybersmitty said :

    Start off walking lots until you build up some endurance. It’s a nice way to wake up the muscles and stir up the blood so to speak. As far as diet goes, The Zone is good for me but I actaully lost weight on the South Beach Diet.

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