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cutting gel and pregnancy?

im trying to lose belly fat im on diet and doing 3 hours daily cardio and planning to use some cutting gel that body builders are using to target fatloss, if i used these stuff and succeeded burning my belly fat, will my belly be safe later when i get pregnant? will it stetch with no problems? if i have to do c-section, will my wound heal naturally?

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3 Responses to “cutting gel and pregnancy?”

  1. Kristina said :

    All the scientists and food experts say targeted weight loss is not possible, especially in the waist and belly places, but I managed it with acai berry. I know they say that pills will not work, nevertheless they definitely worked for me, and they have been showcased on CBS News too. There is a free trial going on at the moment at , try it, what is the worst that could happen?

  2. Clark said :

    Targetted weight loss is quite hard, some would say impossible, however I shed 3 inches from my waistline by following the tips and tricks on the site in the box below. Give it a try, their information is very sensible!

  3. Watching it all fall!!! said :

    Actually the stuff you are talking about doesn’t burn belly fat. It mobalizes fat meaning it get’s it out of the fat cell into the blood stream so you can burn it. – Proper training is required, think LISS.

    Edit* Just to mention I have heard it also has trouble reaching the fat tissue through the skin. Rather this is true or not I’m not sure. I never used it.


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