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Anorexia questions FOR SCHOOL!?


1. Is anorexia always built up over time or can it occur suddenly?
2. What do they do for treatment? How expensive?
3. Can you control anorexia or does it always get to the point where its out of control?
4. How do they hide their weight loss?
5. What are they hoping they will acheive from starving themselves? do they realize the risks?
6. How quickly do they loose weight once anorexia has hit?

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One Response to “Anorexia questions FOR SCHOOL!?”

  1. Ulrina said :

    1. Anorexia is never sudden. It may initially be triggered by something but the psychological element is built up over time
    2. It varies. What country are you in?
    3. With a lot of stregnth and hard work, you can control it but it is very hard
    4. I’m not comfortable answering that I’m afraid.
    5. They do realise the risks but the illness is too strong, and makes them feel they’re doing the right thing by not eating
    6. It varies.


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