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When does baby fat usually start to dissapear around the face?

I was just wondering because while looking over some old pictures of me it seemed like I had a bigger face as 13 year old. (fatter nose, cheeks,) more full face than i do now as an 18 year old. And no it wasn’t proportions as im the same height now i was then. I do remember going to a lot of it dissapearing the following summer. How do i get that extra fat back?

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2 Responses to “When does baby fat usually start to dissapear around the face?”

  1. sid said :

    hmm wow…u are the first man who I know wants to get fat on his face…lottsa men don’t want tht cause it feels less macho I supose…any ways…LOSING THT FAT is heriditory…no amount of running/excersising is gonna burn it off…GAINING thth fat is well….u gotta put on weight…put on healthy weight…

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