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Whats the difference between types of fat?

Are trans fat and saturated fat the unhealthy kinds? And is monosaturated and polysaturated not as bad for your health?

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7 Responses to “Whats the difference between types of fat?”

  1. sarah said :

    good fats are in foods like nuts and olive oil. the bad fats are in foods like potatochips and candy bars.

  2. Huiwei K said :

    donn no

  3. DC said :

    the ones that are bad are any kinda of saturated, the unsaturated are not as bad

  4. KG said :

    Saturated and trans fat are worse for you than unsaturated fat. You can tell if something is unsaturated by it’s state at room temperature. Unsaturated will be a liquid (olive oil, etc); and saturated will be solid (lard, butter, etc.)

  5. thinkstoomuch said :

    ya saturated fats are harder for your body to digest and they tend to build up easier than unsaturated fats. unsaturated fats are not as bad because they are easier to digest. but the bottom lline is that fats should no be taken in excess no matter which kind it is.

  6. dhruvac said :

    There are 3 main types of fat. Unsaturated Fat, Saturated Fat, and Trans Fat. There are 2 types of Cholesterol in our bodies: good cholesterol(HDL) and bad(LDL). Unsaturated Fats lower bad choleseterol and raise good chol. Saturated raise both, and trans fat lowers good and raises bad. So as you can see, Unsaturated Fats are good for you and trans fats are the worst fats.

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