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What’s the difference between a motorized and manual treadmill?

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10 Responses to “What’s the difference between a motorized and manual treadmill?”

  1. thezebracatcher said :

    motorized is….one with a motor and the floor is moved by that motor and manual is one ud have to run or walk on to get it moving

  2. daftoldwoman said :

    you have to make a manual move but keep up with a motorized

  3. Jeremy C said :

    one is powered by a motor…the other is powered by a person. So either a motor makes the belt go around or a person makes it go around.

  4. blackstuffguiness said :

    1 is motorised the other 1 is manual

  5. rroda12 said :

    Motorized it runs by itself making the workout easier. Manual you have to actually run to get it to start moving.

  6. Norm said :

    Manual treadmills don’t work very well, save up your dollars and buy a god motorised unit.
    Best to buy a good second hand one, these thing are always being sold in good condition by people that thought they would use a treadmill but soon got tired of it.

  7. twistin git said :

    One’s got a motor, the other hasn’t. What else were you expecting ! ! !

  8. Jake Rather said :

    The one with a motor you turn it on and do your best to keep up.

    Without a motor it’s….well, kinda like an exercise wheel in a gerbil cage, got the picture?

  9. ianhad said :

    You can’t be serious!?

  10. Ed The Runna said :

    Manual doesnt use electricity! Which is much better for the environment. Motor powered treadmills are very bad for the environment.


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