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What kind of medicine would they give you for a yeast infection?

I think I might have one I just was wondering what type of medicine they’d give you??
And are there any long term affects of a yeast infection if you don’t get treated?
What is the cause of a yeast infection?

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2 Responses to “What kind of medicine would they give you for a yeast infection?”

  1. champagne&oranges said :

    if youv never had it before see a doctor – they will give you a tablet and a cream that goes inside – usually – this clears it up and soothes it. it can lead to further complications if you dont get ittreated and its so easy to treat – mainly it will annoy you to death and be harder to treat. you can by over the counter medicine but if youv never had it befoer you need ot get checked out cuz it can be the sie efect of other things.

  2. suzan g (pucker-up) said :

    my gyno recommend over- contour Cream
    from the drug store their are all kinds.
    some for 3 days to 7 days,
    antibiotic can cause yeast infection
    I heard if you eat yogurt it will help minimize the yeast


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