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How much medicine do i need to take for a yeast infection?

I’m almost sure I have a yeast infection. I have medicine but I would like to know how long i take the medicine? Do i only take it once? Or do I keep take it until it goes away? Help please?

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4 Responses to “How much medicine do i need to take for a yeast infection?”

  1. mandy b said :

    get monistat 1….one time thing! and it goes within 2 days( but sometimes there are chances that it will come back too)

  2. ilovemyairmanjay said :

    You need to buy a yeast infection kit and read the instructions.

  3. Be Happy said :

    well it depends on what kind of medicine u have… if u have the otc stuff use it until ur better if its like a perscription like diflican use it once then if it doesnt go away after like 3 days take another 1 if it doesn’t get better go to ur doc.

  4. Teri T said :

    there is a 3 day or a 1 the directions its pretty plain yogurt (no sugar added)it really helps.I bought the 3 day and used it 1 day and it was gone!!


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