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What did breast feeding do to….?

the nipples? I know they may get a bit bigger and darker from just being pregnant, but I was wondering if they may change a lot more after actually breast feeding. I’m one of those women who’s very weirded out by breast feeding but know all the good that it can do for the baby so I’m going to suck it up for as long as I can manage, but wanted to know the truth of the matter. How bad does it hurt? Did you quickly loose weight from it? Were you always leaking? I’m a first time mommy to be at 10 weeks and my mother and mother in law didn’t breast feed, so can’t turn to them.

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8 Responses to “What did breast feeding do to….?”

  1. Haruhi said :

    How bad does it hurt? The first few weeks it can be uncomfortable, but it gets better. If it is really painful, that is a sign of an issue, such as a bad latch or thrush.

    Did you quickly loose weight from it? I have found that it has greatly helped with my weight loss.

    Were you always leaking? The first few weeks, pretty much. But your supply begins to even out, and you will find you only leak a bit, and sometimes you may not leak at all.

    Contact a local certified lactation consultant or your local la leche league for support. Have good breastfeeding support around you is very beneficial and a key to success when it comes to breastfeeding. Pick up some books about breastfeeding, such as The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

  2. kennebunklmt said :

    During pregnancy your nipples change anyway, and so do your breasts. My nipples are the same now (after stopping nursing) as they were before I got pregnant.
    It’s not supposed to hurt. It hurts if the baby isn’t latching on correctly, and there are lactation specialists at the hospital to help you with that if it’s a problem. I leaked like crazy for a couple of weeks and that’s because it takes a little while for your body to regulate the milk supply to what your baby drinks. If you can get through the first month, you’re golden!!!

  3. Grandma Binky said :

    my nipples got a little longer and kinda flat on top to the root of her mouth. breast feeding was rather painful for the first 2 weeks. I thank god for lanolin or i wouldn’t have been able to keep it up. but I tuffed it out. i was weired out by it when i was pregnant too but now its second nature and i’m so glad i continued with it. I still didnt loose my baby weight but my little one is only 12 weeks old. breast feeding is one of the best choices i ever made. i think its so much easier

  4. rockchik4ever said :

    when your milk drops,it is the most painful thing ever but after a few days it will hurt less btu then it don’t hurt at’s totally worth i though,it will make your baby healthier& the way htings are going right now with the flu&other shit if you can produce milk then breastfeed plus,you always hear about formula recalls don’t you wanna know what your feeding your baby& know that it’s safe& that it wasn’t made by someone who had a bad day& decides to put rat poison in the formula& it’s sent everywhere& you happen to but that one..yeah that’s a good enough reason to breastfeed.your nipples will be the same as they were when you were pregnant.

  5. Alisha said :

    im a first time mommy too….i personally dont think it hurts,well first week its kinda weird feeling but u get used to it…but the first or second day when the milk comes in it hurts as the breast be hard with clogs and that hurts but when the baby drinks the milk the pain goes away….so dont worry it doesnt hurt except for when u get clogs..but that only happens once..(it did with me),about loosing weight…i guess it helps u loose weight faster and but still if u wanna have a good shape u still have to be on diet,im personally not on diet cuz i think breastfeedings doing it for me…and breast get larger so thats a advantage,plus its the best food for ur baby.u dont leak any milk only first week or so…as the milk supply is coming in…u have to make sure ur baby drinks from both sides equally so they stay the same,cuz if u dont then one breast will have more milk from the other one so u wanna keep the milk suplly same..and the longer u breast feed the more supply u will be getting,and plus for the first 1month or so the milk calculates how much milk the baby drinks and then will only produce that amount in future…breastfeeding also helps ur cervix go back in its place much quicker than womens who give formula, so goodluck and congratulations…breastfeeding is quicker,better and time for bonding with the baby.

  6. Sienna said :

    Truthfully, it made my nipples big, red, sore and gross. But they do go down. You do lose weight but when you stop breastfeeding, most of it goes back on and then some.

  7. Leslie K said :

    It doesn’t really hurt.
    It can be slightly painful anyway to some people. Even if the latch is correct.
    But if it is toe curlingly painful, that is a sign that something is wrong.
    Yes, the first time I quickly lost weight from it.
    The second time about half as fast. But I still lost it all by 5 months.
    I onyl leaked for about the first month.
    Some leak longer, some never really leak.
    If you arm yourself with as much info as possible, you have a better chance at succeeding.
    Here are some links to some excellent info
    Just remember when the baby is born, if you have trouble, it is okay to seek out the help of a lactation consultant.

  8. misskaty said :

    I’m going to be honest here… breastfeeding was, for me, one of the biggest challenges in the early months, but I persisted and now I am so proud of my efforts and pleased that I pushed through (I have 8mo twins).

    For me, it took nearly four months to get right. I had a hard time with getting either of my babies correctly latched and the pain was at times toe curling, but it does go and sooner or later you won’t even remember the difficulties.

    And yes, sometimes you do leak a lot, but that’s what breast pads are for, and it does settle down as you get into a routine.

    At the end of the day, breastfeeding is the best start for your baby, it helps you get back into shape, it’s always on tap and you don’t have to pack bottles/formula etc every time you leave the house, or sterilise anything.

    If you can, DO IT, and remember, every day that you breast feed your baby is a bonus!


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