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My boyfriend told me I’m an awful parent.?

My live-in boyfriend and I are trying to loose weight. He has to for job purposes. I need to loose too, but I’m mainly being supportive. Last night he brought dessert home (He works for a dessert company and had already purchased it a week ago before we found out he had to loose the weight so quickly, and it’s my favorite dessert too!!). After dinner, me and my son had some of the dessert. He saw me, and got upset. He asked when I was going to start my “diet?” I had already been cutting back and preparing healthier dinners for us all. It bothered me that he said it. Was I wrong for eating the dessert after it was clear that I had been making a huge effort to change our eating habits, though not so serious for me? He was not even around when I ate it!! I made sure he was in another room!! We had a few words and I told him he should grow up!! He then told me that I was an awful parent to my children!! That really hurt my feelings!! I don’t know how I feel about him anymore. I know my kids aren’t perfect, and true, I could be more strict, but I am doing it alone and it’s tough at times. He’s here with us, but he observes more and criticizes me. I just don’t know what to think or how to feel. I don’t even know if an apology would help because he meant what he said.

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3 Responses to “My boyfriend told me I’m an awful parent.?”

  1. .. said :

    Throw him out and then lose the weight on your own . Hes a jerk .

  2. Jordan Hollands said :

    he’s just cranky, like a fat kid that can’t have cake.

  3. D said :

    call MTV I used to be fat


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