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Is this a good plan for abs/fatloss/overall health?

I have read several of the questions on the topics of Abs, Muscle gain, weight loss (fat loss), and determined a plan for fitness, but would simply like to know if anyone else can confirm it would work.

Ingesting around 1900 Calories a day MAX 1500 on average
20 minutes of running
1 hour of weight lifting
30 minutes of sit-ups/abdominal work

It may serve important that I am a young adult, 5’8 ft. tall.


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6 Responses to “Is this a good plan for abs/fatloss/overall health?”

  1. umhiimteresa said :

    sounds good! but i’m not a doctor or anything close. But as long as you’re exercising, you should be fine. just make sure you don’t do anything too crazy in that hour of weight lifting.

  2. EJ E said :

    Sounds like a good plan. I would caution you on overworking your abs. 30 minutes can be a lot. Also, make sure you are working your lower back/ core/ hammies if you are doing that much ab work. But, your plan should work for you.

  3. xoxmissjxox said :

    I’d suggest doing a bit more cardio unless you’re doing high intensity interval training. Try upping your cardio to eventually 30 minutes a day. That, comebined with your weight lifting should help you lose body fat, thus revealing your abs.

  4. coolcat10 said :

    if you can walk briskly for 30 min a day,do not eat fatty foods(broiled chicken ,vegetables,rice,fish,or even pasta.the trick is eating smaller amounts and increasing your your walking after you eat a small dinner,then try to do abs(crunches)for 15 min a night and gradually increase.if you really want it,you can do anything.make it your religion,its the only way
    lgood luck

  5. mightytinner said :

    This looks ok upfront. There are several things that you need to to consider. First you need to focus on muscle groups each day not a full body type weight lifting. You have to let your muscles rest between sets. A good way to get a strong work out is to focus on opposing muscle groups. For example if day one is chest, I would also work on the upper back area. Example: do a set (10 to 15) of butterflies, then do a set of Lat pulls or military press. This will give you pecs time to rest. You should not work on your abs every day, sit up as a warm up/stretching exercise is ok everyday but give the muscle time to repair before working on it again. Any muscle needs 3-5 days rest to rebuild. When you work them the muscles are actually torn and rebuilt this what is what them bigger. If you are planning on following this routine I would suggest a little higher calorie count maybe 2000 to 2200 and high protein, your muscles need the protein to rebuild. You could also try using some supplements, maybe a carb blocker, protein shakes and creatine. check out for more on supplements.

  6. Mark n said :

    This would work better

    Ingesting around 2000 Calories a day
    30 minutes of running or any Cardio
    30 minutes of weight lifting
    15 minutes of sit-ups/abdominal work. Use the ball for this or the crunch machine.

    Then at other times, while sitting anywhere, suck your stomach in( pull muscles inwards), hold, count to 8 slowly, and let go. Repeat this again. You can do this at any time, any place throughout the day without any equipment and you will see results.


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