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Is it healthy to drink milk every day?

I have breakfast in Tesco from Monday to Friday and I always have 250ml milk with it. It’s not the only thing I can drink. I had whole milk before and I switched to semi-skimmed, but I’m still not entirely sure if it’s healthy.

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19 Responses to “Is it healthy to drink milk every day?”

  1. Jimmy Mick said :

    Yes, it is entirely healthy along with a balanced diet.

  2. Felidae said :

    I’m sure it’s fine; especially if you drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. But try drinking just plain water as well.

  3. Bigeyes said :

    Vitamin D milk is best for small children. This is because of the good fat found in it. It aids to the development of the brain.
    Skim milk is the best to drink for adults because it has all the nutrients your body needs minus the fat that your thighs don’t need! = D
    Enjoy your skim milk and don’t worry…Be happy! = )

  4. Winnie said :


    Yes,you are supposed to have 24 ounces of milk in 24 hours. 3 glasses of milk X 8 ounces = 24 ounces of milk. Skim milk is the ideal milk to drink because it is lower in fat and calories,but I can’t stomach skim milk so the LOWEST that I will go down to in milk is 1%,but I usually buy 2%,because we like that the best! 😉

  5. friendofb said :

    I drink about 2 pints a day, milk is very good for you, teeth and bones because of the calcium it’s better for you than fizzy drinks etc

  6. Chris C said :

    Yh… It makes your bones stronger.

  7. tamitofu1930 said :

    Yeah, cause pus and blood filled mammary secretions from another species is so great for you.

  8. spunk113 said :

    It’s milk. It’s a healthy food item, chock full of calcium and other things your body needs. You’re saving yourself from having osteoporosis when you’re eighty. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, you really can’t do much better.

  9. adam said :

    its fine: calcium is more vital and important than it is made out. without it, your bones become brittle and weak: as long as your drinking milk regulary, not mattering on fat band, you will be fine.

  10. wifebeater said :

    Drinking milk in any form, skim, 1% or 2% is still healthy. Milk itself still has the same vitamins to help keep you healthy and strong. 🙂

  11. TPooT said :

    whole milk is best…

    pasturization and the homogenization process destroys most of what is good and nutritious about milk, but some milk is better than none i suppose.

    raw milk would be the best if you live near a farm…

    skim milk has added ‘thickeners’ to make it palatable and fool you into thinking it’s worthy of drinking….blah…

  12. Lloyd B said :

    Milk is an excellent source of calcium and the Dairy Council (in the UK) suggests 3 portions of dairy food a day.

    For most adults, 200ml (6.76 US oz, 7.00 UK oz) of milk would represent one portion.

    So, in answer to your question, yes, it is healthy to drink milk every day in the amount that you are having.

  13. itsasecret said :

    Yes it’s healthy, but if you eat / drink too much dairy products you can develop kidney stones and they are not very nice 🙁
    Try not to go over the top and alternate your semi skimmed with skimmed as it has less fat and doesn’t really taste that much different.

    P.S. I was drinking so much milk at one point my mum actually drew a mark on the carton at night so she could monitor how much I was sneaking at night when she was in bed. Dad was going to buy me a cow for xmas as well!!

  14. MikeL said :

    Not harmful
    But as an adult you don’t really need it anymore.
    and it does add to your cholesterol numbers.
    YOU work hard or a desk jocky.
    You decide.

  15. Tubb said :

    I think it’s fine. I go with 2%, because whole is too rich for me and fat free tastes like sugar water >_<

  16. Claire E said :

    Yes it is very healthy, especially now you have started drinking semi-skimmed. It is a great source of calcium which is particularly important for women as it builds strong bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. Lots of women don’t have enough calcium in their diet so dont worry…enjoy your milk…its all good!

  17. jella said :

    if i remember, milk and water are the only two fluids that dont harm your teeth. 250ml is fine 🙂

  18. Chepster said :

    Milk is for baby cows, if you want to look like a cow then go ahead. Why do you think your mother stop producing milk after 1 to 2 years of delivery? This is the reason why people in milk drinking countries are FAT, VERY FAT LIKE COWS. Look at asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. They take milk in a minimal amount like ice cream & other desserts. Excessive milk causes too much calcium causing kidney stone, too much fats causing all kinds of disease. Its health benefits is out weighted by its risks. It’s the biggest problem of the world! So remember, drink milk if you want to look like a cow!

  19. Carey Kobialka said :

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