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i have a big pouch and a c-section coming soon what will happen?

hello i have a c-section coming soon and im a very heavy lady i have 2 kids and a baby on the way my second child was a classical c-section so i have to deliver this child via c-section when i had the first c-section i developed a big pouch and gained a lot of weight through depression and the pouch stood everytime i have a sonogram i have to lift my pouch back some so they can get to my abdomen area im embarassed but i plan to loose the weight quickly after i deliver i hate being this big i want to know if my c-section will get infected because of the pouch my last one did and it was horrible the pouch kind of hangs down so my pelvis area wont be able to breathe where the incision will be how can i handle this situation to prevent infection i don’t want to harm the wound please help me no rude comments i hate this weight trust me and can the daddy cut the umbilical cord after taking the baby out c-section and can he watch the surgery i will be awake?????????????????????

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2 Responses to “i have a big pouch and a c-section coming soon what will happen?”

  1. momof2girls said :

    they do not let the dad cut the umbilical cord for c-sections for sterility purposes they will not do anything about the pouch they are not plastic surgeons trust me with my second I had a c-section and asked if he can take the fat out and he said he is not a plastic surgeon and the fat stays in. they will teach you everything you need to know after you have the c-section to prevent infection /

  2. #2 on the way said :

    I am in the same situation. I had a classical c-section with my first. I have been having about the same problems as you. With my first my incision opened up and I had to pack an open wound. This time I have to have it again. I am a heavy woman as well but have been losing weight during my pregnancy (no control of my own). All I can tell you is after you have your baby wear a belly support. That should help a lot with keep your belly up in a good position and keep the incision together and clean. That may help. It will also help with your back 🙂 I hate my weight to, all we can do is work hard after they are born. During my c-section with my first my husband was in there but they didn’t let him cut the cord. He got to see everything though. After I had him they took him away and my husband went with him to the nursery, then they just finished up with me and that was it. hope this one turns out better for you!! good luck.


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