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I am doing a 10k run in may how should i should i start my training?

I was thinking of starting training jan 2, then 1 hour a day on the treadmill i am not sure how long for, i had a baby 8 months ago so i want a intense training programme. Then in march 2nd i was thinking of training on road running, as there is a difference from treadmill to the road. I was wondering if anybody could give me some in depth ideas please

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5 Responses to “I am doing a 10k run in may how should i should i start my training?”

  1. lostsoul said :

    heres my opinion…..

    you should skip the treadmill and start on the road.

    jog at a gentle pace for as long as you can and when you cant jog any further walk until you get your breath back. As soon as you got ya breath back start joggin again until you cant jog any further then walk again. repeat this until you have used up your hour then rest for a day then repeat.

    you will soon find that the distance you can jog before you run out of steam will increase and the time that you need to walk for will decrease.

    keep up with this and you will be able to do the 10k with no problems at all.

  2. Outsider said :

    The guy above me is right, but dont always jog, run aswell, when you run your energy will go quicker but you will also benefit from it as your stamina will increase the same as the guy above me said.

    But also, do interval sprints, this is when you jog for about 30 seconds, then you start sprinting for about 20-30 seconds then slow down for 30 seconds again, repeat this over and over but make sure that if you find the sprinting hard, that you walk instead of jog, but make sure you begin jogging before sprinting to get the gears of your body working correctly into pace.

  3. ollyhammonds said :

    I think the first thing here is to establish that you have the correct kit. You need to make sure that you have a good pair of running shoes, as otherwise you’re going to get all sorts of shin pains and knee issues after a week or 2. You need to find out what sort of foot you have, is it neutral, do you overpronate etc. One very simple test is to make the bottom of your foot damp, and then step on a surface where you can see your footprint. Oh and if you do plan to run on different surfaces, it might be worth buying a road shoe separately. Use this link for help:

    Anyway on to your question, YES you will find differences between treadmill and road, but both are your friend. Personally i try to avoid road as much as possible, and stick to grass or cross country. If you HAVE to run on road… i would alternate days, so soft surfaces one day, road another. (Road does nasty things to knees, my father used to do a lot of road running and has had operations on both knees so far… he doesn’t run anymore lol!)

    Ummmm as for training programs, google coolrunning 10k. That should point you in the right direction.

    I think if i had to pick the most important part of a good training schedule, it would be rest and listen to your body. Painful aching is your body repairing itself, it’s ok to run on small background aches, but if you hurt when you prod an aching area, you need to rest, or you wont see improvement as soon as you might like!

  4. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    That could be a plan for the new year.

    I sort of agree with the idea of going straight out onto the roads, but depending when you go out to run its not so nice (dark nights, cars can’t see you, its cold and normally wet). I do my winter training in a treadmill until about easter.

    What to do then? Well to start off I would run-walk, that is run for a bit until you can’t run any further and then walk until you get your breath back and then run again. Do this for maybe half hour each session (the treadmill is boring!). Alternatively do this by time, for a month run for 5 minutes and walk for 2 minutes and repeat. In month 2 run for 6 minutes and walk for 2 etc, then just run. Set the speed to start with at an easy pace, for example 6mph – you can increase it later if you want. Set the incline to 0.5 or 1 degree.

    For the first couple of sessions remember that your muscles are getting used to running so you might not do as well as you think and muscles could be sore the next day. Thats OK. Oh, also have a days rest every 2 days exercising

    An hour on the treadmill is quite a long time, you might want to do 30 minutes of another exercise – if you are in the gym then that’s easy to do, perhaps a bit of rowing, cycling or cross trainer.

    Oh, write back in the new year for advice about road running

  5. ohiojeff said :

    I agree w/ olly. definately make sure you have the right shoes. incorrect shoes can result in various pain that can keep you from training at all.

    what i would start with is time. look to jog/walk for 30minutes to start with. 30 is about the min workout you can do and still do yourself good. when you can jog a full 30minutes straight i would begin building on that distance from there. you want to build a nice easy base before you start getting fancy. i would start now, as you can never begin too soon.

    after a couple months of base, i would begin adding some intervals and surgers a couple times a week, and a day or two of low effort, easy recovery runs. normally, i would recommend more base, but with your event in may, you are going to have to push it some.


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