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How many tetras and guppies could I fit in my 30 gallon tank?

I want to get fancy guppies and a school of tetras. What species of tetras should I get? How many of each fish could I fit in my 30 gallon tank? Approximately how much money would it cost?

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4 Responses to “How many tetras and guppies could I fit in my 30 gallon tank?”

  1. Kyle said:

    welllll, your only supposed to have 1″ of fish per gallon. So I guess if you go by that around 15-20 fish. More around 20 haha. At my LFS the guppies cost around 4-5 bucks and the teras about 4-6 bucks. So do the math, if you got 20 fish that were 5 bucks a piece you looking at 100 bucks, depends on what you want to invest in the tank. Hope i helped

  2. donnie_shaffer28 said:

    You can have up to 20 fish maximum in a 30G tank.

    Liveaquaria has a list of various guppies and tetras that would best suit your needs. I would suggest one school of 6 guppies, two schools of 6 tetras of two different varieties. They are priced on the website below and come with a 14 day gaurantee. They have over 25 years of breeding experience.

    Even if you don’t order from the website, at least it will give you a good idea of what is out there that you could possibly find in other aquatic stores. Good Luck!

  3. timoty said:

    Be careful with the fancy guppies, they breed like rabbits! Most pet stores will only sell them in male/female pairs. The traditional rule of thumb is 1″ of fish per gallon, within reason, meaning don’t wedge two 15″ fish in your tank. Dealing with guppies and your average species of tetras, being that they will be in the 2″-4″ range, you can get away with 10-15 fish, but make sure you have adequate filtration and do your recommended water changes, and for the love of God, don’t over feed them!!! As far as price goes, it really can vary by species for the tetras, the guppies should be $5-$15/pair depending on the breed. The tetras range from ~$2/fish-~$20/fish, with the average neon, cardinal, black, diamond, falling towards the cheaper end of that spectrum. For what species to get you should do an image search and see what you like and then decide. The most common/popular are the neon/cardinal.

  4. PeeTee said:

    If your tank has not been cycled(takes several weeks), then the answer is 0. An the cost will be double or triple because you will have to replace fish that died from ammonia poisoning.


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