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How do I go about running a choir at my daughter’s school?

They do not have a choir. Apparently they want one and I personally think it’s really important. I have a musical background and would like to volunteer but I have no experience of actually running a choir myself before. Can anyone give me any tips? It is a primary school.

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2 Responses to “How do I go about running a choir at my daughter’s school?”

  1. Buttercup said :

    Fabulous idea. Go for it! But, all I really know about children’s voices is that we are inclined to think they are quite high when they are not really. They are just “thin” and sound higher because they haven’t developed all the low resonances of an adult voice. Anatomy and hormones change everything down the track.

    Are there any of the bigger children’s choirs that you can contact for advice? We have a couple in Australia, so you should find something online.

    Or, someone here will know a lot more than I do!

  2. Guitar Lady said :

    Great idea. I am a primary school teacher, and have run choirs in the past. The first suggestion I have is that unless you are starting the choir with a particular performance in mind that involves a limited number of children, you ought to let anyone take part. There’s strength in numbers, even though you’ll probably get a few ‘growlers’ in there 🙂

    If you’re looking for resources to start them off with, try the Sing Up Song Bank it has loads of great songs for free.
    This also includes materials from the ‘Singbook’ produced by Music For Youth, which are fabulous.
    Good luck!


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