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How did you stop smoking?What do you do to lower your stress?

two questions.
A. How did you stop smoking cigarettes, how long did the whole process take?
B. When you get stress what do you do to not be as stress?

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4 Responses to “How did you stop smoking?What do you do to lower your stress?”

  1. Epiphany said :

    I just stopped cold turkey..and then I started drinking Probably not a good substitute tho.

  2. deedee said :

    The whole smoking thing took about 3 months to get through. During that time I had to stay away from triggers for smoking. That included siting with friends who are smoking or getting drunk. I drank a lot of water and ate a bit more than usual. I used the nicotine patch which was helpful. I exercised to get ride of the stress.

    Withdrawal is really painful and hard but it does pass.

  3. Alex Greengoo said :

    A. Can’t, whole life
    B. Smoke· 

  4. Steve R said :

    Switched to Snus gradually over 3 months.


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